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Shrila B.V. Sadhu Swami

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"Radhika is one-pointed. Krishna is not one-pointed. What he can teach you? He is everywhere and nowhere. This he will also teach you. But Radhika can teach you real devotion. He is so calculative. Radhika is so full of mercy. She will give you mercy even if you don't do anything. This is the nature of mother. She will care you even more if you are unqualified. Father nature is different.

What is said in Bhagavad Gita? "When you do something for me then I will give you..." This is conditional. Radhika's love is unconditional."




"Those who want to follow the rules and regulations don't want to be in Love. Because they don't want to break their rules. But to be in Love you have to break all the rules!

If a manjari falls down in mud while going to abhisar with Swamini, she will just swipe off most of the mud and continue going, she will never leave her Radhika. Those who follow the rules and regulations would go to change clothes after falling down. Radha dasi will not bother for that... She will think "I am so fallen, but I will try again to learn how to walk in mud without falling, because I never want to leave my Swamini!"

This is Radha dasyam."





"Very careful what you are doing. It should be in the mood of service and love. That will become devotion. And this way we develop relations. This is positive influence."

- today's advice from Sadhu Maharaja ✨


Why we chant "Nityananda Ram"?

One devotee asked: "Why we chant "Nityananda Ram"?" Gurudev (BV Sadhu Maharaja): "Ram is the bij mantra of Radhika. Nitay Ram is who always create the meeting of Radha and Krishna. Also in Mahamantra we see Ram and it is not Ramachandra or Balaram. It is Rameti Ram. Hare means Radhika, Radhika is stealing Krishna. How is She stealing Him? By embracing. Second Hare Krishna, Krishna become inside Radhika, and from inside Krishna said, “Krishna Krishna”! and Hare Hare, means He also embrace Radhika now. Try to understand. First Hare is because of Radhika and last Hare is Krishna embracing Her. Then a manjari is coming and she says “Hare Ram!!” “oh my dear you are really in raman - in meeting time. You are kissing, you are embracing and you will go to kunja to meet more in deep”. This Ram is stealing the heart of who? Of the manjari. Ram is calling to the manjari to come and help and see the kunja pastimes. The time will come that you will not do (chanting) anything, only you watch and all will happen. Why are we chanting? To enter in the name of this mantra. That to relish. If not, it is only nama-bas. Before it was not happening so you have to push, but when feelings will come then relish will come. This Mahamantra is the relishment of the name of the Lord, without pressure. I never push anyone to go to the temple. Why? Because I check how much you are connected with Ishta Dev. Istha-Nista by pressure will not come. By chance it happen, there is no reason. When this will happen all disturbances will go. Why we come in Vrindavan? To start taste with that. Few seconds. Is not that you have to practice for 30 years. You fall in love in one minute. And when it will happen everything will start to change in your life. I don’t know but this is my experience. Takes only one moment to change. Without Radhika this flow cannot come in your life. If you want many thing in life then you go to Krishna, because He is the creator of the universe and He can give all that you want. But Radha bhakta have only one point and this is Krishna. They have Krishna himself not His things. When you see Radhika you want only Krishna, Love. No things. So if you want material things, you go to Krishna, if you want real Love you go to Radhika. No way." *** “Rameti Ram. They embrace themselves so strong, that Their bodies become one. Caitanya. Like a sandwich. Radhika is outside and Krishna is inside like cheese.”


"Before I was having so many goals in life, but you showed me the way to one goal. When there are many goals in life, there is no shelter. You watch. Many goals. No shelter. No shelter, so I have many goals. And I have one shelter- one goal. Check. One shelter makes you one goal. You see Radhika, She has only one goal. So if you take the shelter of Radhika, that one shelter will make you to have one goal. You take the shelter of Gurudev, she is the Manjari of Radhika, she will show you the way to have one shelter and one goal. What you are doing? Why you are suffering? Why you not make from many into one? If you have many desires, these desires are many goals in life. All you want to fulfil in life, one by one. And it is never ending. But you make the goal and make the desire for that goal- all will be there. Why? Because you are not doing for you but for your lover! He will organise for you. Chaitaniya means Consciousness. When you see only Radha and Krishna you are conscious. When you meditate for material, that is unconciousness. Where I see, I only see You! Only I see the Love of You, the Mercy of You."


16426037_10154105108336262_6078843491840905894_n.jpgChaitanya-charitamrta, Madhya Lila 19, verses 152-154:

'When a person receives the seed of devotional service,he should take care of it by becoming a gardener and sowing the seed in his heart.If he waters the seed gradually by the process of sravana and kirtana,the seed will begin to sprout.'

'As one waters the bhakti-lata-bija, the seed sprouts, and the creeper gradually grows to the point where it penetrates the walls of this universe and goes beyond the Viraja River, which is lying between the spiritual world and the material world. It attains brahma-loka, the Brahman effulgence, and penetrating through that stratum it reaches the spiritual sky and the spiritual planet Goloka Vrndavana.'

Gurudeva explained:

"The mind runs like this: immediately it gets influenced by different effects. The sadhana makes strong in this effect, and who is in no sadhana he doesn't do work on this effect.

Mercy is coming, watering the seed through our ears. The creeper penetrates the material universe. Some they stop there.

Material desire is fulfilled. Someone desires a wife, any material requirement comes, more comfort will come.

Then we have to leave this material world to identify the spiritual world. In between there is a river. We have to cross this river to reach to the spiritual.

River is a flow.

When I was in material river there was a flow, material flow. And spiritual river is with spiritual flow. But in between there is a river to cross. One flow you have to stay. It is not possible to stay in both flows.

This body is working like this. There is a river in between. Bhramaloka means soul and super soul. I am a soul you are a super soul, I am a devotee you are God. Means spark, or light. If I am satisfied, I will stop here.

We can block at any time. Material world can block. My mind, my senses, my false ego. My pride. My envyness.

Who will decide? We have to decide for ourselves. Everybody has a different heart.

Different, different material project we are working, we will not cross the river to go to the spiritual world. We cannot even give effort for that. Material world we don't want to leave to cross this river to reach spiritual world.

Then again one distraction comes. Brahma effulgence. God consciousness. I know I am a soul, so you stop there. No problem, stop there, but it is impersonal.

Prabuphada mentioned in Bhagavad Gita commentary that there are three kinds of transcendentalists- jnani, yogi and devotee. These are different- do not mix up these three.

When the goal is fixed, devotion starts. I have no goal, how devotion will start? Devotion means caring, loving.

The seed is successful when it gives fruits of love (prema phal) to Krishna."

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