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Found 1 result

  1. Creator

    The world would indeed be a dull place, if everything were to be in black and white. It is colours that add spice to our lives- we feel elated when we see a rainbow, a garden alight with bright blooms, a meadow of green grass topped with sparkling dew, a bright blue sky with the Sun shining as a yellow ball of fire, and so on. The rising and setting Sun is indeed beautiful to watch, for its sheer colourfulness. Can you imagine a world bereft of cheerful colours? It would be as dull and dreary as ditchwater, and make our lives mere drudgery. It is interesting to find from our scriptures that the Creator of all colours is Himself extremely colourful. Let's see some of the hues that He is said to sport on various occasions. To start our colourful journey with the Vedas, the Purusha SUkta describes the Lord as being the colour of the Sun- “Aditya varNam tamasa: parastAt”. The reference to Sun-colour is significant. Just as the Sun is the antithesis of all darkness or evil, so too the Paramatma is verily the abode of all good qualities, and the antithesis of all that is inauspicious (akhila hEya pratyanIka, kalyAnaikatAna).