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Found 117 results

  1. Sharat Purnima celebration in Munger Raj Mandir! Sharat Purnima ki Jay! Kartik ki Jay! Jay Jay Sri Radhe! ❤️
  2. Today is the appearance day of Srila B.V. Sadhu Maharaja! The devotees have prepared a beautiful celebration program for this auspicious day in Munger Raj Mandir. Happy Birthday to our most beloved Gurudev! Dandavat Pranams! Jay Nitai!
  3. Video

    During the beautiful days of Jhulan Yatra there is ecstatic kirtan program going on every evening in Sri Sri Radha Mohan Temple! Jay Jay Sri Radhe!
  4. Photo

    "Radhika is one-pointed. Krishna is not one-pointed. What he can teach you? He is everywhere and nowhere. This he will also teach you. But Radhika can teach you real devotion. He is so calculative. Radhika is so full of mercy. She will give you mercy even if you don't do anything. This is the nature of mother. She will care you even more if you are unqualified. Father nature is different. What is said in Bhagavad Gita? "When you do something for me then I will give you..." This is conditional. Radhika's love is unconditional."
  5. Photo

    "Those who want to follow the rules and regulations don't want to be in Love. Because they don't want to break their rules. But to be in Love you have to break all the rules! If a manjari falls down in mud while going to abhisar with Swamini, she will just swipe off most of the mud and continue going, she will never leave her Radhika. Those who follow the rules and regulations would go to change clothes after falling down. Radha dasi will not bother for that... She will think "I am so fallen, but I will try again to learn how to walk in mud without falling, because I never want to leave my Swamini!" This is Radha dasyam."