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Found 92 results

  1. Ratha Yatra ki Jay! Jay Jagannath! ✨
  2. "Very careful what you are doing. It should be in the mood of service and love. That will become devotion. And this way we develop relations. This is positive influence." - today's advice from Sadhu Maharaja ✨
  3. Swamiji Sri Vishwananda visiting Munger Raj Mandir for Sri Sri Radha Mohan appereance day.
  4. "Before I was having so many goals in life, but you showed me the way to one goal. When there are many goals in life, there is no shelter. You watch. Many goals. No shelter. No shelter, so I have many goals. And I have one shelter- one goal. Check. One shelter makes you one goal. You see Radhika, She has only one goal. So if you take the shelter of Radhika, that one shelter will make you to have one goal. You take the shelter of Gurudev, she is the Manjari of Radhika, she will show you the way to have one shelter and one goal. What you are doing? Why you are suffering? Why you not make from many into one? If you have many desires, these desires are many goals in life. All you want to fulfil in life, one by one. And it is never ending. But you make the goal and make the desire for that goal- all will be there. Why? Because you are not doing for you but for your lover! He will organise for you. Chaitaniya means Consciousness. When you see only Radha and Krishna you are conscious. When you meditate for material, that is unconciousness. Where I see, I only see You! Only I see the Love of You, the Mercy of You."
  5. One devotee asked: "Why we chant "Nityananda Ram"?" Gurudev (BV Sadhu Maharaja): "Ram is the bij mantra of Radhika. Nitay Ram is who always create the meeting of Radha and Krishna. Also in Mahamantra we see Ram and it is not Ramachandra or Balaram. It is Rameti Ram. Hare means Radhika, Radhika is stealing Krishna. How is She stealing Him? By embracing. Second Hare Krishna, Krishna become inside Radhika, and from inside Krishna said, “Krishna Krishna”! and Hare Hare, means He also embrace Radhika now. Try to understand. First Hare is because of Radhika and last Hare is Krishna embracing Her. Then a manjari is coming and she says “Hare Ram!!” “oh my dear you are really in raman - in meeting time. You are kissing, you are embracing and you will go to kunja to meet more in deep”. This Ram is stealing the heart of who? Of the manjari. Ram is calling to the manjari to come and help and see the kunja pastimes. The time will come that you will not do (chanting) anything, only you watch and all will happen. Why are we chanting? To enter in the name of this mantra. That to relish. If not, it is only nama-bas. Before it was not happening so you have to push, but when feelings will come then relish will come. This Mahamantra is the relishment of the name of the Lord, without pressure. I never push anyone to go to the temple. Why? Because I check how much you are connected with Ishta Dev. Istha-Nista by pressure will not come. By chance it happen, there is no reason. When this will happen all disturbances will go. Why we come in Vrindavan? To start taste with that. Few seconds. Is not that you have to practice for 30 years. You fall in love in one minute. And when it will happen everything will start to change in your life. I don’t know but this is my experience. Takes only one moment to change. Without Radhika this flow cannot come in your life. If you want many thing in life then you go to Krishna, because He is the creator of the universe and He can give all that you want. But Radha bhakta have only one point and this is Krishna. They have Krishna himself not His things. When you see Radhika you want only Krishna, Love. No things. So if you want material things, you go to Krishna, if you want real Love you go to Radhika. No way." *** “Rameti Ram. They embrace themselves so strong, that Their bodies become one. Caitanya. Like a sandwich. Radhika is outside and Krishna is inside like cheese.”
  6. Chaitanya-charitamrta, Madhya Lila 19, verses 152-154: 'When a person receives the seed of devotional service,he should take care of it by becoming a gardener and sowing the seed in his heart.If he waters the seed gradually by the process of sravana and kirtana,the seed will begin to sprout.' 'As one waters the bhakti-lata-bija, the seed sprouts, and the creeper gradually grows to the point where it penetrates the walls of this universe and goes beyond the Viraja River, which is lying between the spiritual world and the material world. It attains brahma-loka, the Brahman effulgence, and penetrating through that stratum it reaches the spiritual sky and the spiritual planet Goloka Vrndavana.' Gurudeva explained: "The mind runs like this: immediately it gets influenced by different effects. The sadhana makes strong in this effect, and who is in no sadhana he doesn't do work on this effect. Mercy is coming, watering the seed through our ears. The creeper penetrates the material universe. Some they stop there. Material desire is fulfilled. Someone desires a wife, any material requirement comes, more comfort will come. Then we have to leave this material world to identify the spiritual world. In between there is a river. We have to cross this river to reach to the spiritual. River is a flow. When I was in material river there was a flow, material flow. And spiritual river is with spiritual flow. But in between there is a river to cross. One flow you have to stay. It is not possible to stay in both flows. This body is working like this. There is a river in between. Bhramaloka means soul and super soul. I am a soul you are a super soul, I am a devotee you are God. Means spark, or light. If I am satisfied, I will stop here. We can block at any time. Material world can block. My mind, my senses, my false ego. My pride. My envyness. Who will decide? We have to decide for ourselves. Everybody has a different heart. Different, different material project we are working, we will not cross the river to go to the spiritual world. We cannot even give effort for that. Material world we don't want to leave to cross this river to reach spiritual world. Then again one distraction comes. Brahma effulgence. God consciousness. I know I am a soul, so you stop there. No problem, stop there, but it is impersonal. Prabuphada mentioned in Bhagavad Gita commentary that there are three kinds of transcendentalists- jnani, yogi and devotee. These are different- do not mix up these three. When the goal is fixed, devotion starts. I have no goal, how devotion will start? Devotion means caring, loving. The seed is successful when it gives fruits of love (prema phal) to Krishna."
  7. Srila BV Sadhu Maharaja today: "Loving exchange has to be there. Gopis and Sakhis have the desire to be with Krishna. But manjaris have only desire to serve Radhika. They only want to bring my Swamini to Him. If you even think for Krishna, your chastity is gone. Manjaris not even dream for Krishna, what about touch and other things. Those who are not manjaris they think for Krishna. They are in God consciousness. Understand my dear? Whole life you only think for Krishna, now you have to be very careful. He will catch you from many directions. From which direction He will catch you, you don't know. He will catch you to bring you out of Radha Dasyam. Why will I know about other than this mood? I don't want to be information collector. I want to do that what I know, that practice I want to do in my life. A chaste woman never looks for another man. If she is chaste she will not do. So why you will see Krishna? Manjaris are so fixed they do not want to see Krishna. They know no other bhava, they are only in bhava that 'I am Radha Dasi'. What Radhika is feeling I want to always feel, to please my Swamini. This is the goal to do my life. No diversion. This is guru vandana. Guru will be happy when you are fixed in one bhava. Guru will not be happy when every day you have new bhava in different directions. Guru nistha is not there, we are not taking shelter of our guru. Initiation is a process till I do not identify with my spiritual identification. When my identification is clear, that is my last place. Bhajan means relation. Then my bhajan is successful. You have to press to lover to think for beloved. My lover, my darling, my sweetheart, how I will live without you? What is the meaning of that? My Gurudev says, chant Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare. He says, 'chant. You will not understand now. But one day, love will come, and you will understand. Love will come, relation will develop, you will not need to pressure yourself, even when you do not want to do, name will come inside of you.' In spiritual life, how you can come to the final stage? Our Goswamis write that- Relation! Relation means relation! Page 4 Bhagavad Gita starts with relationship. Spiritual life means relationship. No relation, spiritual life will stop. Gurudev, what He teaches? Only relation. Gurudev means who develops relation with you and shows you about relation. We are so material, like a table, we do not want to go in relationship. We only see material relationship. Senses to senses, mind to mind. You see your Gurudev through your mind, doubts will come. You judge; 'He is black colour I am white, I don't like. He is old, I am young, I should look for a young guru.' You do not see his love, his care. You do not see his soul: Transcendental love. Svarup and svarup siddhi is the goal of spiritual life." Guru Kripa Ki Jay!
  8. Srila Gurudev BV Sadhu Maharaja today: "Intense means 24/7. You are cooking, you are with your husband, you are in toilet, you are in smaran. Intense means you cannot stop that. Check: if you are like this, means you are intense. If smaran is comig only at the time of pooja it means nothing. When chanting is indirect then taste is not coming. When it is direct then it is intense. Burning. Meditation makes you to burn. Burning of separation. We think that only inside is important. But I think that first it is happening outside and than inside happens also. Sadhana external is important to go inside. Sadhana is not 1/2 hours bhajan. Sadhana is with no limitation. And this comes by association. If we don't do this, everytime our body and senses will make us excape. Excaping is our nature. Narayan Maharaja said only one requirement is necessary: greed. Why we have many desires? Because we follow Krishna. If we have only one desire we follow Radhika. Radhika has only one desire. Guru and Radhika can make you into having only one desire. Krishna is giving many desires to test us to see what is our goal."
  9. Below are 25 qualities of our dearmost Radhika. Srila BV Sadhu Maharaja said that if we could follow only one of them our life would change and we would come in connection with Her. Automatically all other qualities will come. So these are as follows: She is sweetness personified. She is a fresh young girl. Her eyes are always moving. She is always brightly smiling. She possesses all auspicious marks on her body. She can agitate Krishna by the flavor of Her person. She is expert in the art of singing. She can speak very nicely and sweetly. She is expert in presenting feminine attractions. She is modest and gentle. She is always very merciful. She is transcendentally cunning. She knows how to dress nicely. She is always shy. She is always respectful. She is always patient. She is very grave. She is enjoyed by Krishna. She is situated on the highest devotional platform. She is the abode of love of the residents of Gokula. She can give shelter to all kinds of devotees. She is always affectionate to superiors and inferiors. She is always obliged by the dealings of Her associates. She is the greatest amongst Krishna's girlfriends. She always keeps Krishna under Her control. Jay Sri Radhee!
  10. "This material world is the mercy of Krishna for us to learn practical. We learn how to suffer. A fully renounced person, what he will understand? We have to have feelings. What is useless and disturbing in my life, that to renounce. Like you do a business and something there is useless and wasting your time, you say 'no no no I will renounce that.' Why to bother for that. When Gurudev mercy will come He will open my vision to see this. This is Nitai mercy that He opens my eyes to see the right things in life. Not waste your energy for bogus things. Separation is a very high subject. It is a high stage when the mood is coming and we feel the separation. Who has no connection or attachment with someone will not feel it. I have no attachment with Radhika so I don't feel this. This is Nitai Karuna Habe - this is the mercy of Nitai, He gives the mercy to understand this. Love in heart! Mountain people have no love. Why you want to run away in the mountains when your heart is like a stone? Even stone can melt- so melt your heart! Stone cannot stay stone when love is there, it will melt. When love is in your heart, you will know the power of love. How powerful is love! Dumb can start talking with his feeling, and people without limbs can walk. Love has, and mercy has, the power to do this in life. But this love is not for material things, it should be only for spiritual realisation."
  11. "Renounce everything for the goal of sensitive devotion, loving. Not for my fame and glory. 'I do everything to be in Your mellow. I was in different mellow, material mellow, and I want to change that mellow.' Not that I will create another empire here also. Devotion, tender devotion. Not for name and fame. This will never give you to grow. Loving devotion- goal is this. In this way, He (Ragunatha Das Goswami) showed the pure way. Renouncement is not for my respect and ego. Renouncement for loving devotion, to become humble and more respectful to the Vaishnavas. Ragunath Das Goswami took the Shelter of Radhika in Chaitaniya. Radhika is love. When love comes in your heart you want to leave other things for that love. Like a girl, she has 6-7 friends. When she has a boyfriend she renounces the other friends because she has no time for other than her lover. Why? Because she is in love! Here I become more poor and a beggar, because I have only one goal- to serve You. The goal is love."
  12. "If you don`t see (hear about) the erotic exchange of the Divine Couple, then how will you understand and increase your spiritual identity? This is the process! Govardhan! Increase your spiritual sense-desire, that the material desires will not affect you any more. Make a bigger line, separate (on the spiritual side), that the line on the material side won`t disturb you, because it becomes smaller."
  13. Radhe Radhe! Happy New Year. Good luck and many blessing for your progress. I like to stay in Vrindavan, please bless me that I can do so. With love Your Sadhu Maharaja
  14. Srila B.V. Sadhu Maharaja today: "Why we need to take shelter of Radhika? Because She is full of desire and I am also full of desire. When I will take shelter of Swamini what will happen? What improvement will come? I have 100 desires and She has only one desire. That improvement will come in my life. She will bring me in one desire. Because She has big eyes. Eyes are big when they see the real big things. We are also moving. But when our svarup is coming then we are moving only for one thing. Other desires are automatically irrelevant, it happens or not happens - no need to bother for that. She moves for the divine waves of desire. The philosophers and jnanis confuse us. Jnanis, they read books and try to know ritual injunctions, but they do not increase the Bhakti in our life. For what to renounce? My Swamini is not renounced. We have desire, She has a desire. We have many, She has only one. As kinkaris we will follow Her. So much confusion, for nothing. Ragunatha Das Goswami has only one desire because he is looking the past times of Radha and Krishna. This is only possible when we have a desire to become a servant of Radhika. This mood makes me to increase my spiritual consciousness. What consciousness? Your svarupa makes you conscious. Your body makes you unconscious and your spiritual form makes you conscious. First I have to know what is unconciousness then I will know what is consciousness."
  15. "Lovers always show the heart, how big their heart is and their flavour- they feel that. This is the way of the lovers. All problems begin with the mind when we want to stay in the mind. Like a computer, if you are in the mind, it has nature to brake down or take a virus. Why not listen to your Jesus? He said 'no, no come to your heart, come to your feelings'. Everything else will change, my body will change, my mind will change my circumstances will change. But the soul and its relation to the super soul will always exist. In Vrindavan are amourous pastimes. What is the meaning? There is no privacy there. You can see from your eyes - this flavour will come and all will change in your life. You will have no taste for lower thing. It is the nature of the soul to taste the highest taste and live in that. If you have the flavour of perfume, why you will go for flavour of toilet? Bee and fly, there are two things. Bee takes only one flavour, and fly stays in two flavour, in honey and in shit also. So what is good? Become like a bee, stay in only one flavour. Attachment makes you to feel that flavour. Only great attachment will lead you to Vraja rasa. Means you have to cut with other attachment. Everything will go, but you are not attached there. This is the mercy of Swamini. Your great attachment becomes one pointed, because other place is not attractive to you now. Everything will come. This is the beauty of Vraja rasa. Only mercy can change our life."
  16. "What to do in life? Realise! Go deep in the subject and realise. Go deep in the subject. Sevā sādhaka-rūpena. If you want to become a sadhaka, first do seva. Different kinds of seva. 24/7 I am in seva, I cannot leave this seva. I know everything here in the temple, because I already did everything. Siddha rūpena-cātra hi. Then all your seva will become like an umbrella. All your work will become seva. Protecting. This becomes protection in your life, the service will become your protection because sadhaka rupa becomes pure. It comes in siddha rupa. Sun will come, you are protected, rain will come, it will not affect you. What this means? Sadness or happiness will not affect you. Why you want to bother now? You are in the umbrella. But you are looking for that, to create some problem in our life: 'No no no I don't want to be in the umbrella, I want to suffer more', this is our nature! Why we live in Vrindavan? To live in the umbrella."