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    Shri Krishna Vasanta Rasa and Shri Balarama Rasayatra

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    Shri Krishna Vasanta rasa danceToday marks the auspicious remembrance day of Lord Balarama's springtime rasa dance with His cowherd girlfriends. It is also the day of Shri Krishna Vasanta Rasa, the Lord's springtime rasa lila pastime. Shri Krishna Vasanta rasa takes place on Vaisakha purnima, which is also the time Balarama performs his rasa dance with the gopis.

    "In order to keep the gopis in Vrindavana satisfied, Lord Balarama stayed there continually for two months, namely the months of Chaitra and Vaishakha. For those two months he kept himself among the gopis and he passed every night with them in the forest of Vrindavana in order to satisfy their desire for conjugal love. Thus Balarama also enjoyed the rasa dance with the gopis during those two months." (Krishna Book II p.78)

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