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    Shrila Parameshvara Dasa Thakur

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    Shrila Parameshvara Dasa ThakurShrila Parameshvara Dasa Thakur was completely surrendered to the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda. He was the Lord's constant companion. Shrila Krishna Dasa Kaviraja says that anyone who remembers his name, Parameshvara Dasa, will easily attain love of Krishna.

    Parameshvara Dasa also humbly served Shri Jahnava Mata. He accompanied the Deity of Radharani that Jahnava Mata sent to Vrindavana for Govindaji. In Krishna lila, Parameshvara Dasa is one of the dvadasha gopalas named Arjuna. His samadhi is in the 64 samadhis area.

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