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    Shrila Vamshivadana Thakur

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    Vamshivadana Thakurvamshi krishna-priya yasit sa vamshi-dasa-thakkurah - Vamshivadana Thakur was Krishna’s flute in Vraja. (Gaura-ganoddesha-dipika, 179)

    The gopis praised the good fortune of Krishna’s flute, for he was able to constantly drink the nectar of Krishna’s lips. Everything in Vraja is spiritual, i.e., conscious, and so the flute could take human form as Sri Vamshivadana Thakur.

    Sri Vamshivadana Thakura appeared on the full moon day of the month of Chaitra in the home of Sri Madhava das in the village Vaghnapada at Kulia in West Bengal. His mother’s name was Srimati Chandrakala Devi.

    On the day of his birth, Mahaprabhu was present in the house of Sri Madhava das, along with Sri Advaita Acharya. Madhava was very devoted to Mahaprabhu and Prabhu was also very affectionate to him and his son Vamshi.

    When he grew up, Vamshi was engaged in the service of Vishnupriya devi. Once Vishnupriya and Vamshi Thakura decided to give up taking food and water, there not being any point in maintaining their bodies which were so racked with the pain of separation from Mahaprabhu. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, then manifested Himself before them and requested them not to behave so rashly, and then instructed them both to worship His Deity form in order to mitigate their feelings of separation.

    After Vishnupriya’s disappearance, Vamshivadana brought this Deity of Mahaprabhu from Mayapura to Kulia. This Deity of Mahaprabhu is very beautiful and is still being worshipped in the present town of Navadwip. The name of the temple and Deity is Dhameshwara. It is said that the name Vamshivadana is carved underneath the Deity.

    When his descendent, Ramachandra Gosvami came to live at Baghna Para by the mercy of Jahnava Mata, the worship of the Deity passed into the hands of the residents of Malancha.

    There was a Deity of Gopinath at Kulia worshipped by Vamshi’s ancestors and he personally installed a Deity of Pranaballabha at their home in Kulia. Vamshi Thakur resided at Bilvagram for some time with his relatives there. He had two sons, Sri Chaitanya dasa and Sri Nityananda dasa. The two sons of Chaitanya dasa were Sri Rama­chandra and Sri Sachinandana. Ramachandra was the adopted son and disciple of Jahnava Mata. He established the worship of Sri Sri Kanai Balai at Baghna Para. As he never married, the worship passed on to his brother Sachinandana whose descendants are the resident Gosvamis there.

    Sri Vamshivadana was a poet and composer of songs. He composed one song about the Lord’s acceptance of sannyasa based on the lamentations of Sri Sachimata and Sri Vishnupriya.

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