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    Video - Shrila Bhakti Promode Puri Maharaj

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    Om Vishnupada Paramahamsa Parivrajakacharya Astotara Shata Shri Shrimad Bhakti Pramode Puri Goswami Maharaj (Shri Gopinath Gaudiya Math) at Krishna Balaram Mandir on the disappearance day of Om Vishnupada Paramahamsa Parivrajakacharya Astotara Sata Sri Srimad A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaj (Founder International Society of Krishna Consciousness), 1998. Ом Вишнупада Парамахамса Паривраджакачарья Аштотара Шата Шри Шримад Бхакти Прамод Пури Госвами Махарадж (Шри Гопинатх Гаудия Матх) в Шри Кришна Баларам Мандире (ИСККОН, Вриндаван, Индия) в день ухода Ом Вишнупада Парамахамса Паривраджакачарья Аштотара Шата Шри Шримад А.Ч. Бхактиведанта Свами Махараджа, основателя Международного общества сознания Кришны, 1998 г.    
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    Video - Hare Krishna Kirtan, 2017

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  1. Gurudeva_32.jpgShrila B.V. Narayana Goswami

    13 January 2000

    There was a beautiful girl in East Bengal named Saci devi, and she was the daughter of the King of Putiya. From the beginning of her life she heard about Lord Krsna, and from that time onward she gave her entire heart to Him. From the time she was about five years old, she used to worship Krsna, sing to Krsna, play with Krsna, and do everything with Him. When she was about sixteen years old she became maddened for Him.

    Saci devi was not only beautiful, but she was very intelligent and used to study Sanskrit and Bengali. Her father and mother were worried for her marriage, but she totally refused to marry. She told her father, "My marriage has already been done. There is no need of another marriage. Don't be worried. I will go to Vrndavana and I will meet my beloved there."

    She took her Deities and was ready to go to Vrndavana alone, on foot, which was a three to four thousand mile journey. There were no airplanes or any modern conveniences in those days. She was preparing to go by foot, but her father arranged everything for her travel.

    Having come to Vrndavana and being completely infatuated and controlled by the desire to meet Krsna, she began searching for Him everywhere, wandering here and there. She would go to Vamsivata and ask that Vamsivata banyan tree: "Where is Krsna? Can you tell me where is Krsna?"

    There was a disciple of a very exalted devotee, named Haridasa, who in the line of Srila Rupa Gosvami. He was always chanting and remembering Krsna. He was also giving classes, just as I give in the evenings, and all Vrajavasis and saints and sadhus in our line would attend. Saci devi also used to hear the classes, and she was attracted. She told Haridasa, "I am taking your shelter. Please give me initiation, otherwise I will die. I want to see Krsna, and I want serve Krsna and Radha." Hearing this, he was so much happy. Though he had never wanted to initiate anyone, he initiated that beautiful princess.

    Haridasa then gave Saci devi instructions on how to chant, how to remember, how to practice in the line of Srila Rupa Gosvami, how Krsna is her beloved, and how she would be able to serve Radhika. He told her that her guru was a manifestation of Srimati Visakha devi and Sri Rupa Manjari.

    Sri Haridasa did not want her to be alone. He told her that there was an elderly lady of about fifty years who was very mature in hari-bhajana. He placed her in the hands of that devotee, just as Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu placed the hands of Srila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami in the hands of Sri Svarupa Damodara.

    After her initiation, Saci devi was always weeping for Lord Krsna. She used to chant more than one hundred thousands names (64 rounds) of harinama daily, and she was totally absorbed. Her guru never gave her any bhajana-kutira (small house or room or hut, used for chanting and remembering Krsna). Rather he told her, "Oh, you should arrange this yourself. I have nothing to do with these things. You should manage that part of your life."

    Saci devi used to live in a broken-down temple on the Yamuna ghat, and there she would perform her sadhana-bhajana. She never made any management for taking prasada, but rather she would go from door to door, taking very little madhukari (prasada alms). She would eat only one forth of one chapatti in a meal, not taking all or even half of it. Everyone loved her and wanted to give her foodstuffs, but she never accepted them. She never wore nice clothing. She wore only warn and torn white cloth, and she was satisfied by this. She had no electricity, and no facilities at all.

    By continually hearing, and developing her Krsna consciousness, she became totally renounced. When she became twenty-five years old her gurudeva told her, "It is time for you to go to Radha-Kunda, to the place of Srila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami, and do bhajana like him. And also take that nice elderly devotee."

    For the next twenty-five years Saci devi remained in the renounced order, doing madhukari (begging) and somehow maintaining her life. There was no problem in maintaining herself, and therefore she used to perform bhajana day and night. She did not sleep, even at night.

    After twenty-five years her guru, now very old, called her and said, "You should now go to Nilacala, Jagannatha Puri, near the Gambira of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, and then remain there for some time. There you will become siddha, perfect; so don't delay. Also, I would like you to renovate the place of Sri Sarvabhuma Bhattacarya. At present it is in ruins. No one is taking care of it and practically no one knows about its existence. So go and discover it, make a very simple temple there, worship there, live there, and take the prasadam of Jagannatha.

    That elderly lady was now gone, and therefore Saci devi went there alone. Somehow she came in the same way that Sri Sanatana Gosvami came from Vraja Mandala to Jagannatha Puri, traveling for many days on foot. You cannot imagine how she came.

    Once in Puri, Saci devi discovered the place of Sarvabhuma Bhattacarya. She made a hut of leaves and began to live there, chanting and remembering Lord Krsna. In the evenings she gave classes on Rasa Pancadyaya (the five chapters in Srimad-Bhagavatam 10th Canto regarding Lord Krsna's lilas with the gopis of Vrndavana). Sometimes she spoke on Venu-gita, and sometimes on other very important subjects of Srimad-Bhagavatam.

    When giving class, tears would come to Saci devi's eyes. All the residents of Puri were attracted, and even the King used to come in disguise to hear from her. The King made a proposal: "I want to give something to you. I want to build you a nice hut, and I want to give you a donation." Saci devi refused the donation and said, "I don't want a donation from a king."

    One day, on Makhara-sankranti, millions of Indians were going to take bath in the Ganges, which was hundreds of miles away from Puri. At that time Saci devi made up her mind: "I must also go to the Ganges to take bath." She made this determination in her mind, and she was going to go, but at midnight she saw, "Oh, the Ganges is coming." There was a very heavy, roaring current, and as though by magic, she found herself in that Ganges, where millions of persons were taking bath. The current in the Ganges took her to the temple of Lord Jagannatha, and then it entered and touched the feet of Jagannatha. [The Ganges originally came from the feet of Jagannatha-deva, because He is Krsna Himself. When Sri Vamanadeva took the universe away from Bali Maharaja, His foot went through the universal covering and touched the Causal Ocean. A drop of that Causal Ocean thus came into the universe as the Ganges. It is also said that Ganges is originally a sakhi of Srimati Radhika from Goloka Vrndavana. It can therefore be said that Jagannatha Himself, in the form of the Ganges, had picked up Saci devi and brought her to His lotus feet.] She was now there at Lord Jagannatha's feet, and the door was closed. No one else was there.

    In the morning the priest came, opened the door, and thousands upon thousands of persons came in to take darsana. The priest saw that lady and said, "Oh, why did you come here? To steal the ornaments of Jagannatha?"

    Saci devi was absorbed in Krsna, thinking, "Krsna is so merciful. Ganges came to me, made me take bath, and her current took me to the lotus feet of Jagannatha." She could not answer that priest, however. It is prohibited for a devotee to reveal his or her realizations, and moreover, no one would have believed her. She was thus taken to jail as if she were a thief.

    During the night Jagannatha gave a dream to the King, and also to the prominent pujari. Saci devi would now become famous as Gangamata Thakurani or Gangamata Gosvamini, due to her being carried by the Ganges. Jagannatha told them, "Go at once and beg forgiveness. Bring Gangamata Thakurani in a golden chariot, with drums and all other paraphernalia, to make a royal reception and royal procession. Also, you should become a disciple of that lady, along with your priests and all others prominent persons."

    The king awoke and at once went to the jail with golden chariots, a large crowd, and a royal reception. He brought her to her cottage and said, "Jagannatha has told me, "You should go and take shelter of that devotee. If you do not take initiation from her, I will destroy your entire dynasty." Along with all his councilors and others, he now began to fast and pray, "Be pleased to give us initiation very soon." Gangamata Thakurani replied, "My guru has not told me to do this. I don't want to make any disciples." Jagannatha then ordered her, "For Me, to please Me, you must make disciples." She then accepted them.

    The king promised, "I will give some land for Sarvabhuma Bhattacaraya, and I will make a very good temple there. I know that you have come from your gurudeva for this." He made a temple, but Gangamata Thakurani was always living in the temple of her heart. Her temple was there.

    She continued to give classes, and all the residents of Puri, as well as the highly elevated devotees, used to attend. One day, while she was absorbed in chanting and remembering the pastimes of Krsna, a brahmana from Jaipur came to her. That brahmana had been serving the Deity of Raya Kisora, Sri Krsna Himself.

    Krsna had told him in a dream, "Please take me to Puri and give me to Gangamata Thakurani. She will serve me. If you don't do this I will curse you. You are not rendering proper service. Sometimes you give Me offerings and sometimes not. You sometimes give Me bath and sometimes not. You are not doing service as you were before. So please go there and give Me to her. Otherwise, I will curse you, and your dynasty will also be finished."

    That brahmana then took the very beautiful Thakuraji (Deity) in a basket, and walked on foot for many months until he came to Puri. Now he approached Gangamata Thakurani and requested her, "Thakurji has come. Please take Him and serve Him. She refused and said, "I am doing manasi-seva (worship of Sri Radha-Krsna by meditation) in the line of Srila Rupa Gosvami. I cannot do all this. I have no time to worship with external paraphernalia."

    The brahmana became very worried and thought, "What shall I do?" Gangamata Thakurani had a Tulasi garden. That night the brahmana left the Deity in the midst of her Tulasi garden and fled. At four the next morning, Raya Kisora, that is, Syama Raya, Vrajendra-nandana Syamasundara, said to Gangamata, "You are neglecting Me. I came to have your service, your love and affection, and you are neglecting me. I'm thirsty; I'm so hungry. So please take me. Prepare something and offer that to Me." Gangamata Thakurani then went to see that Deity. Charmed, she took Him in her arms. She brought Him inside the temple and began worshiping Him there, and still now that vigraha (Deity) is there.

    When the king heard about this, he thought, "I am fortunate to be the disciple of this great devotee."

    All the ladies should try to be like Gangamata Thakurani. She never even dreamed of marrying any worldly person. I have come to help you to become a devotee like this. The world is like a fire, a burning forest fire. We have seen such a big fire in Florida. It burned for miles, and the government could not do anything. The burning forest fire of material existence is greater than this. We are in that fire, and we can never be saved as long as we are in material consciousness. If someone puts ghee in the fire, what will happen? It will become bigger. You will not be able to be saved.

    The father of Yadu Maharaja, Yayati, had so many very beautiful wives, but he was not satisfied. When he was old he wanted to take the youthful age of his son, but Jadu Maharaja refused and told him, "This life is only meant to serve Krsna. If you were a pure devotee, I would have been very happy to give you my youth." Yayati then asked his second son, Puru. He said, "Puru, you are my very dear, darling son. Please give me your youth. I want to further taste material pleasure. My thirst has not been quenched." Puru replied, "O father, I came from you, and so I'm giving you my youth." Yayati thus became young, and for many thousands of years he engaged in sense gratification. He was not satisfied, however, and one day he thought, "What silly things am I doing?" He quickly returned his youth to his son, and then left every material consideration and went in the forest.

    This history shows that the world is a burning fire. The fire in the sea is thousands of times greater than the forest fire, and we are in that fire. We should try to know all these truths. Don't waste your time. Try to develop your Krsna Consciousness. If you are married, there is no harm in that. Along with your wife and children you should try to be detached. There must be some sense of duty, but no attachment at all. You should think, "I must serve my wife (or husband) and children because they are eternal servants of Krsna. For this reason, so that they may develop their Krsna consciousness, I should help them."

    Male devotees should try to become like Srila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami, Srila Sanatana Gosvami, and Srila Rupa Gosvami. Lady devotees should become like Gangamata Thakurani, Jahnava Thakurani, and Hemalata Thakurani. Sometimes Jahnava Thakurani exhibited four arms. [Jahnava Thakurani is the eternal potency of Lord Nityananda. Nityananda has two potencies, Jahnava and Vasuda. The son of Vasuda devi is the incarnation of Godhead, Bhirabhadra, He was searching a Guru and was recommended to take shelter of Jahnava Thakurani, but he thought, "She is my mother. How can she be my Guru?" One early morning, after passing and just before taking her bath, Jahnava Thakurani was undressed from the waist up, as was the custom for Indian ladies. Bhirabhadra saw her in that condition, standing by a well, and became shy. She immediately manifested two more arms, and with them she covered her breasts. Bhirabhadra then offered his pranama (obeisances) to her and took initiation.]

    Don't waste your time. Remain in your positions, and if you are married, that is okay. If you are not married, if you are renounced, that is okay. If you are not renounced, that is okay. But hear hari-katha wherever you are and in whatever position you are. Offer pranama to that place where hari-katha is being spoken. Offer pranama to the organisers, and offer satstang-pranama to the speaker and to the whole audience. Then, very soon you will have sadhana-bhakti, bhava-bhakti and prema-bhakti. Try to realize all these things. These are truths.

    Gaura premande hari hari bol.

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    Shri Shri Radha KrishnaТекст из "Брихад Бхагаватамриты" Санатана Госвами: 

    "Затем я увидел на расстоянии луноподобное лицо Шри Пурушоттама Бхагавана, украшенное огромными лотосоподобными глазами, на чьем лбу сверкала тилака цвета драгоценных камней, чья кожа светилась как заколдованное облако (читай - грозовое облако), чьи красные губы великолепно сияли, и чья мягкая улыбка была подобна лунному свету, дарующему безграничную милость каждому."

    Текст из "Шри Шри Радха-Кришна-ганодеша-дипики" Шрила Рупа Госвами:

    Сладостная, подобная нектару красота тела Господа Кришны сияет, словно черная краска для подводки глаз. 

    Его тело цветом напоминает цветок синего лотоса или цейлонский сапфир. Его тело очаровательно как изумруд, дерево тамала или скопление прекрасных темных облаков. Он океан нектарной красоты.  

    Он одет в желтые одежды, а на Его шее гирлянда из лесных цветов. Он украшен различными драгоценными камнями и подобен сосуду, хранящему нектар многочисленных трансцендентальных игр. 

    У Него длинные вьющиеся волосы, а тело умащено многочисленными ароматными маслами. Его дивной красоты корона окрашена множеством разнообразных цветов. 

    Его прекрасный лоб украшают знаки тилаки и локоны, вьющихся волос. Игривые движения Его вздернутых черных бровей чаруют сердца гопи. 

    Его подвижные глаза прекрасны, словно цветы синего и красного лотоса. Кончик Его носа красив, как клюв Гаруды, царя птиц. 

    В ушах Его, свисающие до самых щек серьги, осыпанные различными самоцветами. 

    Его прекрасное лотосное лицо великолепно как скопление миллионов лун. Он так и сыплет милыми шутками, а Его подбородок просто неподражаем. 

    Его чарующей красоты шея имеет три плавных изгиба. Обитатели всех трех планетных систем заворожены красотой Его шеи, украшенной жемчужным ожерельем. 

    Грудь Кришны, украшенная ожерельем из жемчуга и сияющим, подобно молнии камнем Каустубха, жаждет наслаждений в обществе прекрасных гопи. 

    Украшенные браслетами на запястьях и выше локтей, руки Кришны простираются до самых Его коленей. Его красноватые словно лотос ладони украшены различными благоприятными знаками. 

    Ладони Кришны украшают благоприятные знаки булавы, раковины, ячменного зерна, зонта, полулуния, стрекала для управления слоном, флага, цветка лотоса, жертвенного столба, плуга, кувшина и рыбы. 

    Прекрасный живот Кришны – обитель самой красоты. Его небесного очарования спина словно сама приглашает гопи игриво прикоснуться к ней. 

    Бедра Кришны, подобные напоенному нектаром цветку лотоса, сводят с ума самого Купидона. Ноги Его словно чудные деревья платана. Они чаруют женские сердца. 

    Колени Кришны полны очарования, красоты и великолепия. Его лотсные стопы украшены драгоценными ножными браслетами. 

    Стопы Кришны прекрасны как розы, их украшают различные благоприятные знаки: диск, полумесяц, восьмиугольник, треугольник., ячменное зерно, знак неба, зонт, сосуд для воды, раковина, отпечаток коровьего копыта, свастика, стрекало для управления слоном, цветок лотоса, лук и плод джамбу. 

    Прекрасные стопы Кришны, словно два океана, наполненные счастьем чистой любви. Словно полные луны, собравшиеся в цепочку, чудесные ногти украшают их пальцы. 

    Хотя мы порой красоту Кришны сравниваем с различными предметами, с ней ничто не сравнится. Здесь мы просто слегка касаемся красоты Кришны, чтобы пробудить привязанность читателя.

  3. Residents looking at the fish in Krishna KundNandagaon, 2018.06.16

    On Friday morning, locals rushed to Krishna Kund as word spread about thousands of dead and stunned fish floating in the Kund. Many expressed their sadness and anger over the incident. Chairman Pati Baccu Singh said that dead fish have been appearing in the kund for several days.

    As yet, the reason for the fish deaths is unknown, but, locals suspect that fish smugglers are putting poisonous substances in the water to extract the fish. Some locals are adamant that the colour of the water has changed in the last few days and say that dead fish have also been found in other kunds in Nandagaon.

    Another theory about the cause of the fish deaths is that sewage leaking into the kund has poisoned the water. According to the Assistant Director of the Fisheries Department, Dr Mahesh Chauhan, the reason for the fish deaths is likely to be the reduced water level in the kund, compounded by the dirtiness of the water.

    The silt from the bottom of the kund was not removed before summer. The silt buildup at the bottom of the kund decreases the available oxygen in the water, which is already decreased due to the heat and low water levels. The fisheries department official said that water samples from the kund have been taken for testing.

    Nandagaon is famous for its kunds but, many of these are either extinct or fighting for existence. After extensive renovations two years ago, Krishna Kund became the pride of Nandgaon. The kund is much loved by residents who say that it was made in Dwarpa Yuga by the descendants of Shri Krishna.

  4. Krishna dasAngel:
    For the last year, I’ve been gathering content for our new site DrugsOverDinner.org. In much of the information, I’m hearing that there’s a connection between early emotional wounding and later-in life-addiction. You and I both have extensive drug use in our past. What are your thoughts on this?

    The stories we replay in our minds about our lives are so painful. That’s what drives some people to drugs. The stories are painful, and they just keep playing, and we keep reacting and reinforcing them.

    People don’t know how to deal with consciousness. We’re programmed to believe that the only thing real is what we think and believe. Our culture doesn’t teach that there’s an alternative to living in our heads, so we’re stuck in these thoughts and they torture us. People who’ve been hurt so much that they can’t stand it anymore have to find something to do. Otherwise, it’s like sitting in a fire. It’s completely understandable that people struggle with addiction.

    It would also be helpful if, in our culture, we were taught from an early age that pain is part of the experience of being alive. Modeled for us instead are ways to hide pain, run, pretend, compartmentalize, distract...

    Or dull ourselves to it. We dull ourselves to everything.

    Yes, instead of saying, “Hey, this thing pain is part of life and you don’t have to escape it. You can be with it, and here’s how.” That’s an unheard of practice for most people.

    Because everybody’s taught that happiness depends on getting things — relationships, jobs, cars, money — things that come from outside ourselves.

    Nobody can ultimately get what they need from the outside. We aren’t taught that it’s inside of us.

    Twelve Steps wasn’t my jam when I tried it a couple of decades ago, but finding deeply supportive community — who accepted me without shame or judgment — that was a life changer for me.

    Satsang — spiritual community — is so important, because you’re surrounding yourself, at least for periods of time, with people who are making the same type of efforts, who want the same thing.

    Every effort you make to interrupt and change your habits of thought and behavior is huge because it’s completely against the flow that we were born into. The flow is out through the senses, through the thoughts. Everybody around us — relatives, teachers, enemies, friends, the President, everybody in the world — is flowing out through their senses. 

    To turn that around and move in to awareness — it ain’t easy. 

    Glimpses of pure awareness, while incredibly fleeting, propel me to keep living in a conscious way.

    It’s a process of going in and out, in and out. You get a hit of awareness — whether from spiritual practice or something else — and something opens up. But your own habits of thought close you down. The more hits you get, though, the less attached to negative thinking you’ll be.

    Almost everything we do — all the self-improving — what is our motivation?

    Self-loathing. We believe if we fix something on the outside, it will solve the way we feel inside, but the good feelings never last when our motivation is self-hatred.

    Yes. We should try to avoid that.

    About 10 years ago, at my first 10-day silent-meditation retreat, I made an appointment with the teacher. I don’t remember my question, but her response was, “Were you a general in your past life? That voice in your head! Sheesh. Where is all this self-hatred coming from?”

    (Laughing) Our parents felt that way about themselves, their parents felt that way about themselves. Everybody in our lineage felt the same self-loathing. So what do you expect from us? 

    KD, what would you say to people who, in this moment, are fighting with addiction and feel like they’re losing?

    I have tremendous respect for people dealing with addictions. You have to be very patient with yourself and process your stuff, including the self-loathing you have for being addicted. No question — you have to dedicate your life to developing good habits of thought. And action. Good habits support more good habits. Our negative habits are huge, but you have to keep planting seeds of good habits, of not going down that hole of the addicted behavior.

    There’s a practice where you repeat, “May all beings be safe, just like I want to be safe. May all beings be happy, just like I want to be happy.”

    You’re extending compassion outward. This practice replaces the way we usually think, like, “I can’t stand myself anymore — I’m going to go do something. I’m going to a movie. Or I’m going to go out and get laid or get stoned.”

    It replaces that.

    Why do we dislike ourselves so much — why is that inner voice so harsh?

    Our culture is based on original sin, which means we’re no good from the time we’re born. That has partially led to the problems we have. Until we can change our view about what life is and who we are, it’s difficult to eliminate negative habits that cause us pain, which only arose because we didn’t want to be in pain in the first place. 

    To experience the sense of connection we talked about, you and I do spiritual practice, and these practices train our attention. Would you suggest that people struggling with addiction do the same?

    Of course. A practice like meditation is very useful for dealing with addiction. Chanting, asana — these practices can slow you down. Even if you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons, it still has an effect. When we do a spiritual practice, it temporarily, to some degree, moves us in the right direction. 

    What people will experience during the course of these things is really up to what seeds they’ve already planted — their own karmas.

    And how ripe they are.

    Exactly. The whole process is really a ripening process. When we do these practices, we’re turning toward the sunlight within us, which ripens everything. 

    When Phillip Seymour Hoffman died, some people said he was selfish. That’s what people say when accidental overdoses happen. I get frustrated, because that view disregards a root problem. There’s no compassion in it.

    As if people who aren’t addicted aren’t selfish. Theirs may not be as self-destructive, but they’re just as selfish. They’re not opening their hearts or serving humanity from a selfless place. They’re just stuffing their faces and buying more things. That’s just as selfish and stupid. They just don’t have the thing going on in their brain chemistry that makes them want to destroy themselves in that way. 

    In Dr. Gabor Mate’s book “In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts,” he says that, from the time we’re in the womb, through the first four or so years of our lives, our brain circuitry forms based on how we’re nurtured. The architecture of our brain actually depends on how well we’re nurtured! Nurturing means emotional presence with a child (versus just physical presence) and compassionate physical touch. When you don’t receive enough, your brain develops differently than people who do. For one, you won’t get a solid supply of brain chemicals that make you feel like life is generally okay. There’s always this undercurrent of not okay-ness, so you seek ways to feel okay.

    When I met Gabor, the first question I asked was: For those whose brain circuitry got shafted, what’s the antidote?

    He said, “Compassion.”

    Yes. Compassion means you’re not dwelling on your own stuff, regurgitating it, re-chewing it, which is what everybody does. 

    Maharaj-ji (Neem Karoli Baba) said: How do you find God? Serve others. How do you raise kundalini? Feed others.

    Because you stop spinning in self-obsessive thinking. 

    And as Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If everybody did that, the whole world would be completely different immediately.

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