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Krishna dasKrishna das (born Jeffrey Kagel; May 31, 1947, New York) is an American vocalist known for his performances of Hindu devotional music known as kirtan (chanting the names of God). In August 1970 Jeffrey traveled to India where he became a devotee of the Hindu guru Neem Karoli Baba (maharaj-ji, devotee of the Hindu deity Hanuman) who gave him the spiritual initiation and the name Krishna das, which means the servant of Krishna. Krishna das has for many years studied the Buddhist meditation and the Vaishnava practice of bhakti-yoga. He has released fourteen albums since 1996. He performed at the 2013 Grammy Awards, where his album Live Ananda (2012) was nominated for the 2013 Grammy Award for Best New Age Album. Krishna das's albums contain Hindu bhajans and kirtans of famous mantras, such as Hare Krishna and Om Namah Sivaya. Krishna Das travels extensively, performing concerts and engaged in teaching activities.

Кришна дас (имя при рождении - Джеффри Кагель; родился 31 мая 1947, Нью-Йорк) - американский певец и музыкант, которого называют самым известным западным исполнителем индуистской религиозной музыки в стиле киртан (воспевание имён Бога). В августе 1970 года Джеффри посетил Индию, где обучался у индуистского гуру Ним Кароли Бабы (махарадж-джи, преданного индуистского божества Ханумана), который дал ему духовное посвящение и имя Кришна дас, означающее слуга Кришны. Кришна дас в течение многих лет изучал буддийские медитационные практики и вайшнавскую практику бхакти-йоги. C 1996 года выпустил четырнадцать альбомов. В 2013 году альбом Кришны Даса "Live Ananda" был номинирован на премию Грэмми в категории "Лучший альбом нью-эйдж". Альбомы Кришны Даса содержат индуистские бхаджаны и киртаны известных мантр, таких как Харе Кришна и Ом намах Шивая. Кришна Дас активно путешествует, выступая с концертами и занимаясь преподавательской деятельностью. 

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51887580_10155740884621879_6255707419532328960_n.jpgOnce I was at Dada’s house. Dada was one of Maharaj-ji’s great devotees. He was such an amazing guy. And I guess I was reverencing him a little bit too much. He just kind of stopped me in the hallway, and he looked at me, and he said, “Krishna Das, I may be a step or two ahead of you. You may be a step or two ahead of somebody else. But we’re all on this side of the ocean of samsara. We’re on this shore. Those guys have gone there. But we’re still over here. What’s the difference if I’m an inch closer to the shore than you are? It makes no difference. We’re all on this side."

- Krishna Das


51403760_10155720033446879_9088633071623733248_n.pngMaharaj-ji used to always say, “Ram nam karne se sab pura ho jata.” From repeating these Names, Ram Nam, the Names of God, everything is brought to fullness and completion. The heart is made full, your life is made full, the karmas are completed in full. It’s a ripening process. It’s not required to learn anything. What is required is to train ourselves through these practices to release the negativity, to release the thoughts, the obsessive flow of thinking that just slaughters us all day long. That’s why we’re responding to the call. Because it’s the call to come home, to come back, to come home to ourselves.

- Krishna Das

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