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Lack of awareness leads to squalor

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Vrindavan 2016.04.05 (VT): The strictness shown by the National Green Tribunal (NGT), lack of awareness among the citizens is causing squalor in Vrindavan.

Local residents, shopkeepers and visitors all litter the roads with impunity. They seem to have no fear of sanctions from local law enforcement. As per the officers of the Municipal Corporation, the population of Vrindavan has reached 1oo,000. Apart from that, thousand of visitors visit the city daily. The rapid growth of both population and toursim has outstripped the municipality’s capacity to deal with the problem. With limited resources, it has become impossible to keep the city clean without the cooperation of local residents.

Most of the population of the city resides in narrow lanes. Also, the city is partially situated on an uneven plane, which interrupts the flow of drainage system. Apart from this, everyone throws garbage freely into the drains causing them to get blocked and overflow, which then leads to filth spreading onto the roads.

The Municipality has purchased dumpsters, which have been place at various strategic spots in the town. Unfortunately people and shopkeepers do not use this facility in a proper way. The garbage is not thrown inside the dumpsters, or in careless ways, causing the area around them to be no better than an unrestricted dumping ground. Furthermore, the sanitation workers empty the dumpsters, but leave the rest of the litter untouched.

Cattle and monkeys also scavenge in these bins, scattering the trash further and increasing the havoc in what are already dirty spaces.

Places around temples are also facing the same issues due to lack of public sanitation awareness in the population.



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