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16 Crore sanctioned for Heritage City Development in Mathura

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Mathura, 2016.04.12 (VT): The Detailed Project Report (DPR) to develop a heritage city near Shri Krishna’s birth place in Mathura, has been approved at district level with 16 crores allotted amount. Next DPR will include the development plans for Shri Dwarikadhish Temple and Vishram Ghat.

The Heritage City Advisory Committee had their meeting on Monday at Rajiv Bhavan. After deducting few points from the request of City Mission last week, the committee approved the DPR for the development of a heritage city near Shri Krishna birth place in Mathura.

The DPR has quoted the budget of 13500 crore rupees for developing the area like a heritage city, plus 2.5 crores were also included after the instructions by District Magistrate for  development around Potrakund. After the approval from the advisory committee, now the DPR related to the development of Shri Krishna Janm Sthan and Vishram Ghat will be forwarded to the Union Government for approval.

District Magistrate Mr. Rajesh Kumar has asked the Ahmadabad based company to prepare the DPR as soon as possible for Chatta market and Vishram ghat, as the next meeting on this is on April 22. Also, City Anchor has been asked to to complete the tender works related to Vrindavan, as soon as possible.

The meeting was lead by the District Magistrate Mr. Rajesh Kumar. CDO Manish Kumar Verma, MVDA Secretary S. B. Singh, City Tourism Officer Anupam Srivastava, Architect Mayank Garg, Assitant Engineer Amit Kadiyan, EO Mathura Dr. Brijesh Kumar, and Gopeshwarnath Chaturvedi from Shri Krishna Janm Sthan Seva Committee were available in the meeting.

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