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Rama’s birthday celebrated in the city of Krishna

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Mathura 2016.04.16 (VT): The birth of Lord Ram was celebrated grandly, in the city of Lord Krishna. People started singing prayers, as the priests started doing abhishek of the deities. At evening, there was the grand shobha yatra of Lord Ram, in the city.

On behalf of Shri Ram Janm Mahotsava Association, priests did abhishek of the deities at after noon, in the Ghiya Mandi based Lord Ram temple, with full rituals and tradition. It was followed by prayers, Shringaar Darshan and Aarti.

At evening, the deities come out of the temple, on their grand chariot, during the Shobha Yatra. Saints from Vrindavan Saint Ramdevanand, Saint Giri, Raja Baba and Judge B.M. Tripathi inaugurated the Shobha Yatra. Groups from Punjab, Varanasi and various places of Indian came to tale part in the celebration, and had shown various acts of daredevil and entertainment. The tableau of Ganga Ji, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiv and Parvati, Lord Radha Krishna, etc were also the center of attraction.

Kanak Bhavan Temple in Vrindavan

Photo by Jagannath Poddar.

Many people visit the Kanak Bhavan temple on the occasion of Ram Navami. It is one of the two temples of Lord Shri Ram in the country, where the deities of Shri Ram and Sita are in sitting position. The other is the original Kanak Bhawan temple in Ayodhya, which is said by some to have been established by none other than Lord Krishna himself! This temple is situated in the Gaur Nagar Colony part of town, right behind the Chari Sampradaya Ashram. It is not quite as magnificent as the temple in Ayodhya, but is more like a nice bageecha. This is also near the Rangaji Bageecha.


Tulsidaas Temple (Photo: Prawal Saxena)


Tulsidaas Temple (Photo: Prawal Saxena)

Tulsidaas Temple at Vrindavan
The Tulsidaas temple at Vrindavan also celebrated the birth of Lord Ram, by kirtan and prasad distribution at eve. Tulsidaas temple is the place where Lord Krishna gave darshan to Tulsidaas in the form of Lord Ram. Atul Krishna Goswami of the temple told our correspondent that Ram Navami is their main festival and is celebrated by doing kirtan and prasad distribution every year.

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