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“Raw” food finally served to Thakur Bankey Bihari Ji

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Vrindavan 2016.04.27 (VT): Thakur Bankey Bihari Ji was finally served kachcha bhog on Tuesday. At the request of the organizing committee of the temple, three sevayats (the Lord’s servants) served raw food to Thakur ji. For over a week now, Thakur Ji had been getting fried dishes instead of his regular lunchtime meal for his raj bhog.

The administrating manager in the organizing committee of Bihari Ji temple Umesh Saraswat told our correspondent that on the request of the organizing committee, three sevayat Saras Bihari Goswami, Rajul Goswami and Punit Goswami offered to serve raw food to Thakur Ji, which was accepted. These three sevayat only then served the raw food to Bihari Ji on Tuesday.

The temple’s organizing committee has been planning to serve raw food to Thakur ji from a week after the former sevayat Lallo Goswami refused to serve it anymore. This led to a protest by the Goswamis who accused the temple administration of breaking the long-held tradition.

Thakur Bankey Bihari Ji’s Kitchen 

The child form of Krishna, Thakur Bankey Bihari Ji, is the center of devotion of all the devotees in Braja. Therefore everyone tries to please him in the best way they can.

Sevayat Braj Kishor Goswami said, “There is a misunderstanding about raw and cooked food, which has a terminological usage in Braj. Cooked food means any such preparation as is fried in ghee. Raw food (kaccha bhog) refers to preparations made with water. So Bankey Bihariji has two kitchens. The raw food kitchen is for preparing plain rice, sweet rice, salty rice, pulses, chapatis, various sweets, various green vegetables, raita, papad, pickle, etc.

Whereas the kitchen for cooked preparations makes pooris, kachoris, samosas, mathar, curd, green vegetable, and curd rice. For the past several days, the Thakur has been only getting lunch offerings of doodh bhat, milk rice with saffron and cardamom rather than the regular meal of dal, rice and subjee.

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