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Sanjeev Krishna Thakur honored for international preaching activities

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Vrindavan, 2016.04.28 (VT): At Chaitanya Kutir on the Parikrama Marg, the Radha Kripa Manava Seva Sangha group held a special event to honor Sanjeev Krishna Shastri for his preaching activities in London, England. Swami Ramdevananda Saraswati and Mahant Haribol Baba were the principal guests honoring Shastriji.

Haribol Baba said that by speaking on Rama Tattva in London, Sanjeev Krishna added to the glories of India and of Braja Bhumi. Sri Gopal Acharya said that the crown jewels of the universe are the residents of Braj. Sanjeev Krishna Thakur has been preaching the Bhagavatam since childhood throughout India and now the rest of the world. He is teaching the true Bhagavata Dharma.

Sanjeev Krishna himself thanked the Brajvasis for the honor they made to him and said the love of the residents of Vrindavan is the greatest treasure he could ever hope for.

Sanjiv_Krishna6.jpgBorn on Dec. 23, 1984 of Vaishnava brahmin parents in Nagasthali Paigaon in Mathura district, he was endowed with great talent for speaking the shastras and glorifying Krishna. His first public lecture on the Bhagavata took place when he was only 12, and so he was known by the title “Bal Vyas” (child speaker of the Bhagavata). He was also given the title “Shukadev” by leading scholars and devotees in Vrindavan.

Once while going round Goverdhan, Thakurji saw some cows feeding on garbage and plastic. He felt so pained and hurt that he vowed he would work towards building a goshala for sick, old, ailing and non-milk giving cows where they can live in peace, getting abundant food, water and health care.

His vow resulted in the establishment of a five-acre goshala at Neem Gaon near Govardhan, name Samarpan Goshala. He left for Lucknow after the event to give Bhagavata saptaha there.

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