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Vrindavan’s riverfront to be developed; suspension bridge planned

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Vrindavan, 2016.05.02 (ET, PTI): Plans are afoot to develop Vrindavan as a model city which include riverfront landscaping, refurbishment of the famous Keshi Ghat, and construction of Laxman Jhoola-style suspension bridge across the river to ease connectivity with the Yamuna Expressway.

“The nucleus of the project would be the expansion of the magnificent Keshi Ghat, known for its charm, by 750 m, and development of the adjacent two km area of riverfront along the Parikrama Marg,” District Magistrate Rajesh Kumar said.

He said the archaeological beauty of Keshi Ghat would be maintained and its pillars would also be renovated.

“The riverfront will be landscaped to have eco-friendly look. A two-km stretch of the riverside will be developed into a forest with rare variety of trees,” Kumar said.

The creation of amphitheatres, ‘arati sthals’ and parks with fountains are being envisaged for redevelopment.

“With the construction of bundhs by the Irrigation Department, the course of Yamuna, which has been moving away from the ghat, will be restored to its original position,” the official said.

“A suspension bridge on the lines of ‘Laxman Jhoola’ in Uttarakhand is also being planned to ease connection between Keshi Ghat and the Yamuna Expressway,” he said.

“A car parking with capacity for 500 vehicles is also being planned,” he added.

“The effort of the state government is to convert Vrindaban into a hub for international tourists,” he said.

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