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Ratnakar Sagar struggling for existence

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Kosi, 2016.05.03 (VT, DJ): Ratnakar sagar at Kosikalaan, which has great importance due to its connection to the pastimes of Krishna, is now struggling for its very existence. The lake has become a dumping ground which is rapidly killing it.

The lake spread over an area of three acres has high value in Braja as its closely related  with the past times of Lord Krishna. It falls within the “Braja 84 Kos Parikrama” because of which devotees used to to worship with the water of Ratnakar Sagar. But the current situation is such that the water of the lake is not even touchable because of the garbage and immense pollution.

People say that Ratnakar Sagar is related to the Dwarika leela of Lord Krishna and is supposed to be the reflection of the ocean at Dwarika. A few also believe that because of the devotees, Krishna asked all the pious places on earth to be present in Braja as well. As a result, Gomti Ganga and Cheer Sagar are also present in Kosikalaan along with Ratnakar Sagar.

Now the lake is on the verge of dying as people from the neighbourhood not only litter around it, but they also throw their garbage into the lake. Illegal encroachment also is limiting its area. Apart form that, it is also facing the problem of drains flowing into it from the nearby community causing the lake to stink for miles.

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