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700 police assigned to Vrindavan for Akshay Tritiya

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Vrindavan 2016.05.05 (VT): 700 Policemen and security guards will be deployed to secure Vrindavan so that the devotees can enjoy the benefits of Akshay Tritiya and Charan Darshan of Thakur Bankey Bihari Ji. The Police administration is also planning to ease the road congestion and parking problems. For this, Vrindavan has been divided in two zones and six sectors.

Heavy crowds from across the globe are expected to be in Vrindavan during Akshay Tritiya on May 9th. It is believed that donations given at this time, as well as pious actions like taking Charan Darshan of the Lord, will bring unbreakable (akshaya) good fortune which remains forever. SP City Mukul Dwivedi told that the city is divided in two zones and six sectors for security reasons, expecting the heavy footfall on May 9th.

Apart from the two zones and six sectors, 24 subsectors are also formed. These zones and sectors will be secured by around 700 policemen including 2 SSP, 126 Inspectors, 450 constables, 50 female constables, 50 traffic police personnel, 5 TSI and 24 Chief Police Inspectors.

Four-wheeler vehicles will also be stopped at the outskirts of Vrindavan. Apart from that, River Police, PAC guards and divers will also be posted at the Yamuna bank to prevent any mishaps for those taking their holy bath in the Yamuna on Akshay Tritiya.

Bankey Bihari Charan Darshan

Banke Bihari’s charan darshan.


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