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Money, not emotions, hinders service to Thakur Ji

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Vrindavan 2016.05.06 (VT): The mystery of why kachha bhoga (boiled food) is not being served to Thakur Bankey Bihari Ji is only now being unraveled. Slowly but surely feelings of emotion for Thakur Ji are vanishing and greed is taking its place in the hearts of His sewayats.

The sewayats now want more remuneration for their service to Thakur Ji, but since the organizing committee hasn’t come to any decision on the matter, the sewayats responsible for thsi service decided to stop preparinga nd offering kachha bhog for Thakurji’s Raj Bhoga.

Thakur Ji’s great devotee , Seth Hargulal Beriwala took the initiative to arrange for the kachha bhoga of Thakur Ji in 1955. To this day his descendants are funding the kachha bhoga of Thakur Ji, but the food is only cooked by sewayats. These sewayats used to get a fixed remuneration from the Beriwala family for the services they provide to Thakur Ji, but after April 15, these sewayats suddenly showed the inability to continue with it.

The organizing committee asked other sewayats to cook kachha bhoga for Thakur ji, in response to which three persons came forward to do the needful on April 24. But they too stopped their services after a couple of days asking for more remuneration. The organizing committee refused their demand and has not published a notice asking other sewayats to submit their application to cook kachha bhoga for Thakur Ji.

The chairman of organizing committee Nanda Kishor Upamanyu told that the committee can’t pay a salary to these sewayats. So they must be satisfied with whatever remuneration they are getting and try to serve Thakur Ji with full heart.

Bihari Ji is now a multi-billionaire

The sewayats are now seems to be more interested in knowing the wealth of Thakur Bankey Bihari Ji. They have been trying to get the estimates of the total wealth that is in Bihariji’s name. As per the last declaration made in the year 1970, the total wealth of Thakur ji now exceeds a billion rupees, apart from the jewelry, ornaments, property in Vrindavan and Kota and other valuables which are secured in various banks.

Acharya Prahlad Vallabh Goswami has raised the demand for a full accounting the property in Bihari Ji’s name including the valuables kept in the safes in an underground in the temple.

Har Gulal Beriwala

hargulal beriwalaLala Hargulal Ji Beriwala (1894-1979) was born in Beri, a small town in Haryana in 1894.

From very early in his childhood it was clear the holy town of Vrindaban held a special place in his heart. In 1929, Lalaji journeyed to Vrindaban.

Once there he found it impossible to pull himself away, and stayed there, dedicating the rest of his life to the service of Lord Banke Bihari and the people of Brij.

A wealthy man, Hargulala Beriwala contributed money for many of the outstanding possessions of the Deity, such as the silver swings used in Jhulan both in Barsana’s Shriji temple and at Banke Bihariji.

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