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New Yamuna bridge in Mathura nearing completion

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Vrindavan 2016.05.06 (VT): The new bridge on Yamuna is expected to be ready in a month. Nevertheless, since the roads connecting to the bridge are still to be constructed, it may take another six months before it can be opened to the public.

The bridge connecting Mathura to Aligarh and Hathras has been under construction for the past one and half years and is 92% ready now. The remaining 8% will take a month to be completed. But the vehicle movement on the bridge will not begin for at least six months more as there is no road connecting the bridge on either side.

Concerned authorities demanded funds for both constructing the bridge and the connecting roads around two years ago. But funds for the roads were delayed due to which road construction lost the pace.

PWD Minister for State Shivpal Yadav has now given orders to release funds for the road construction. The amount for the roads will come to around 47 crore rupees which also includes compensation to farmers for land acquisition. This process will take around three months after which the funds will be released. Authorities say that if everything goes well, they will be able to start the construction of connecting roads after the monsoon season (i.e. August-September).

Deputy Project manager of UP State Bridge Construction Department Mr. I.P. Singh told that the bridge construction is almost finished and the remaining work will take not more than a month.

Repairing of old bridge postponed

City administration and concerned departments started the repairing of the old Yamuna bridge, which was in danger of collapse, last September. All vehicle traffic was stopped and diverted 12 kilometers south to the Gokul Barrage, creating a great inconvenience for travelers, especially as the roads to and from Gokul are mostly in a despicable state of disrepair.

Equipment reached the site in time to start work as scheduled, but it was postponed by three months till December last year because of the high water level of the river, and it hasn’t yet started. Local bodies say that the repairing will only start after the opening of the new bridge.

City administration officials say that this bridge is the only route connecting Mathura to Aligarh and Hathras and everyday thousands of students come to the city for their studies. If repairing of the old bridge begins before completing the new bridge, these students will face a lot of problem.


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