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Cycle track project in crisis

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Vrindavan 2016.05.13 (VT): The dream project of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav is facing problem due to the lack of coordination between two concerned departments. Mathura Vrindavan Development Authority (MVDA) and Public Works Department (PWD) is looking at each other to finish the work first so that they can start their respective job. This confusion among the departments is causing a lot of trouble among the devotees visiting the city.

Devotees from other places throng Vrindavan almost on every occassion in their private vehicle. But the half done cycle track work along the roads is causing trouble in traffic movement. Due to debris lying on the road, only half of the road is being used for two way movement of the traffic. The pits caused ny the constriction work further increases the trouble for devotees.

The cycle track is being constructed from Chatikara to Prem Mandir and further to Mathura road till 100 bed hospital via Chaitanya Vihar on a stretch of 8 kilo meters. Construction from Chatikara to Rukmini Vihar parking is being done by PWD whereas the construction from Rukmini Vihar parking till 100 bed hospiptal at Mathura road is being done by MVDA.

Manish Goyal (contractor at MVDA) told that the construction work from Rukmini Vihar till Prem Mandir is almost done. He said that now PWD has strecth the road by one and half meter both side, after which they will start putting tiles on the cycle track to give a final touch, but PWD hasn’t started its work yet. Mr. Goyal also informed that he has to finish the work in a span of three month, out of which only one month work has been completed, and the rest is getting delayed because of PWD.

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