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Leopard sited in Jaav Village

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Vrindavan 2016.05.13 (VT): A villager has sited a leopard while returning from his farm, in the village of Jaav near Kosikalaan on the road to Nandgaon. He has also noted the footprints of the leopard which he sighted around 250 metres far from him. Villagers are living in fear after the news and went to find the leopard as soon as they got the information. Though the forest department has denied the claim of leopard after examining the foot prints of the animal.

Farmer Lakshmi Narayan has claimed that he had seen a leopard 250 meters from him when he was returning back to his home from the farm. He said that he was on his bike when he clearly saw the leopard which walked for around 25 meters and then vanished into the forest area. After that, he took a different route to reach his home.

The villagers also informed other neighbouring villages after they got the information from Lakshmi Narayan. Other villagers have also seen the leopard’s footprints at the place which was reported, which has raised fear in them.

A Forestry Department team led by M.K. Tiwari also reached the spot on getting the information. But after inspecting the foot prints, they denied the claim that it was a leopard, though they did admit that it could be some other big animal.

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