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Keeping the city clean in a challenge

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Vrindavan 2016.05.16 (VT): The city administration is finding it difficult to keep the holy city clean, despite putting all the efforts. More than five dozens cleaners to keep the Parikrama Maarg clean. Illegal encroachment around the lakes will also be removed recently.

Last week National Green Tribunal (BGT) has imposed a total fine of 11 lac rupees on the DM Rajesh Kumar, State Pollution Control Board and on the EO of Municipal Corporation on showing negligence towards the city cleanliness. As a result, city administration has deployed more than five dozens of cleaners with the help of “Ujjwal Braj” organisation. These cleaners along with the cleaners from Municipal Corporation cleaned the Parikrama Maarg from Keshi ghaat till Raman Reti.

City Magistrate Ram Araj Yadav and Deputy Collector Garima Singh inspected the cleanliness drive in the areas of Telipada, Sringaarvat, Harmilaap, Mirzapur Dharamnshala and Parikrama Maarg, beside other areas. They also instructed the cleaning staff on how they can improve their work. City Magistrate told that the cleanliness drive with be in line within three to four days. They were also accompanied by Sanitary Inspector Awadhesh Yadav.

JCB to dig Ganga Singh Lake

City Magistrate inspected the Ganga Singh Lake located at the Motijheel road, along with the lake opposite to Jaipur Temple on Mathura road to inspect the illegal encroachment around the lakes.

He has guided T.N. Chaube (EO at Municipal Corporation) to remove the encroachments and to get the lakes dug with the help of JCB machines in order to revive the lake.

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