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Exhibition on Nrisingha Lila at Goda Vihar

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Vrindavan 2016.05.19 (VT): An eight-day exhibition on the Braj Narsingh Leela started at the Goda Vihar temple on Wednesday. Braj Cultural Research Institute organised this exhibition in coordination with Cultural Department of the Indian Government to showcase and prevent the tradition and cultural values.

Dr. S.P. Singh (Director at State Museum Mathura) said that the the tradition and culture of Braja is amazing. Lord Vishnu’s Narasingha incarnation is worshiped differently all across the country, but the way it is worshiped in Braja, with the dance and prayers is beyond comparison.

Acharya Chandra Prakash Sharma also described the history behind the Narasingha worshipping in Braja and tradition related to it. He said that families from Aathkhamba, Keshi Ghat, Ramji Dwar, Bajaajaa etc. have great contribution in keeping this tradition alive. Shukdev Dwivedi gave the information of how the Narasingha mask is made in Vrindavan.

The pictures posted in various panels across the exhibition gallery, which was inaugurated by Acharya Vivek Bhardwaj, also attracted visitors. Students from Anardevi Khandelwal Mahila Polytechnic (Library and Information Science) also participated in the exhibition. The exhibition was organised by Dr. Rajesh Sharma with the help of Lakshmi Narayan Tiwari.

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