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Raghav Das, Mahamandaleshwar at 22

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Ujjain, 2016.05.20 (Free Press Journal) :  The title of Mahamandaleshwar is conferred to sadhus after they prove their mettle to their gurus in terms of penance and on the duties that are assigned to them in the Akhara. Generally, when sadhus are not considered eligible for this title of Mahamandleshwar before reaching a mature age, but sant Raghav Das has been awarded the title at the age of 22 years.

This means that now the sadhu has risen up from the lower echelons of the Akhara and will enjoy all the powers and honors that sadhus of this class enjoy. The coronation ceremony (abhishek) of sant Raghav Das, who hails from Vrindavan, was performed in presence of the senior seers of Vaishnav Akhara at the camp of Mahamandaleshwar and Panchwati Peethadhishwar Kamta Das located at Mangalnath Zone at the Kumbha Mela in Ujjain on Thursday morning.

Mahamandleshwar Raghav Das’s guru, Mahant Krishnakumar, gave the reasons for the conferral of the honor, “Sant Raghav Das has been doing immense work for conservation and welfare of cows in Vrindavan and also runs a cow ambulance in Vrindavan. Keeping in view these noble deeds and his behavior in the Akhara, he was promoted so early to the rank of Mahamandleshwar.”

The ceremony was attended by all the top functionaries of Vaishnav Ani Akharas, Mulluk Peethadhishwar Rajendra Das, Mahamandleshwar Rampravesh Das and Shri Mahants from the Char Sampraday.

Many sants and sadhus have been giving guidance, holding discourses and satsangs on spiritual matters at the Kumbh Mela. Others are also creating awareness on social problems. Swami Raghav Das ji Maharaj from Vrindavan is preaching the message of cow protection. He has organized an exhibition displaying very heart-rending photographs of violence done to cows in India.

Raghav Dasji undertook the mission of cow protection at the age of 21 and today hundreds of youth are working under his guidance for this mission at various places like Haryana, New Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan.

This exhibition is drawing a lot of attention from both the sants and household devotees. A film is also shown there on how cruelly a cow is slaughtered. Swamiji youthful followers create awareness among people in places where cattle slaughter is taking place, or where they are ill-treated or neglected.



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