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Alleged cattle smuggler shot and killed in Barsana

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Barsana, 2016.05.21 (IANS, DJ): A man suspected of being a cattle smuggler was shot dead on Saturday morning. The incident took place near Sanket on the road between Nandagaon and Barsana.

Local people noticed a Tata 407 pickup truck driving back and forth and became suspicious. When they saw that cow theft was going on, they followed the truck and encircled it. Gunshots were exchanged and two of the alleged smugglers were shot. One died, another person was injured, while the rest managed to escape, the police said.

The dead man was identified as Shahibuddin of Kaman in Bharatpur district. Three cows were taken from the pickup and taken to the Mataji Goshala run by Maan Mandir in Barsana.

Villagers said over a dozen cows had gone missing in the past 15 days in the region. There have been several encounters and gunshots fired during this period.

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