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Radha Raman’s lotus feet are her entire world

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Vrindavan, 2016.05.26 (VT): When the entire world media and so-called social activists leave no stone unmoved to defame Vrindavan for not caring for its widows, there are many instances to prove that these women did not come to the Holy Dham for material benefits, but for spiritual satisfaction.

There are countless examples that show why widows from Bengal, Odisha (Orissa) or elsewhere migrate to Vrindavan and how the holy abode of Krishna takes care of them. Here is a story of a lady who serves in the kitchen of Shri Radha Raman Mandir.

Her name is Shrimati Vijaya Lakshmi, who is now in her 70’s. She came to Vrindavan alone when she was very young. She used to live in Jagannath Puri, where she used to serve at the Jagannath temple under the spiritual guidance of her Guru. Her family made several efforts to bring her back home, but every time she refused to go back. She didn’t want to be distracted from her service to the Lord. Her Guru instructed her to go to Vrindavan when he left the world.

After her guru’s disappearance, she began her journey for Vrindavan, carrying nothing with her except the consciousness of Vrindavan Dham. She walked barefooted and passed through the dense forests of Jharkhand. She experienced several divine incidents while on her journey and her food and shelter were always miraculously arranged.

Vijaya Lakshmi became very weak and frail while walking such a long distance. One day she fell unconscious under a tree. She thought that she would die and never reach Vrindavan. When she gained consciousness, she found herself at the Mathura Railway station. She had no idea how she was brought there.

In the evening, she reached the Radha Raman Mandir for the last darshan of the Shayan Aarati. Her Guru reassured her that Radha Raman will take care of all her needs. The Goswami serving at the temple had two garlands to give away at the end. Exhausted and weak, Vijaya Lakshmi was looking for a sign.

She saw the Goswami serving Radha Raman was holding two garlands. Usually, these garlands are given to a disciple or a family member of the Goswamis. She looked at Radha Raman and then to the garlands. Suddenly, the Goswami came to her and gave her both the garlands. Thus, she got the sign from Radha Raman, that her rest of the life will be taken care of by Him.

Since then she has been tireless and beautifully serving Shri Radha Raman Dev. She is unable to express how she is blessed, but the tears rolling down from her eyes reveals her innermost sentiments. She only wants to hear about Radha Raman, talk about him and serve him any possible way. She says Radha Raman is not simply a deity, but Krishna Himself. The lotus feet of Radha Raman is her entire world.

She can be seen singing songs from Gita Govinda in the temple after Mangala Arati for the pleasure of the Lord.


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