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Summer training classes at Sandipani Muni School

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Vrindavan 2016.05.27 (VT): Sandipani Muni School (SMS) has started summer training classes for skill development in students. The school is now giving a programme in sewing and embroidery in addition to music and dance classes to help its students utilise the summer vacation in the most productive way.

Summer vacations started in schools a week ago, and SMS has come up with a productive way to help its students add skills through the new programme. Around 25 students have enrolled for these classes which will run throughout the summer break. SMS also extracurricular courses in dance, music, yoga, judo and martial art to its students, which run round the year.

Sandipani Muni School

Ms. Mamta teaching sewing to students

Public Relations Officer Partha Sarthi told our correspondent that the school decided to start the sewing centre to provide free and good quality school uniforms to its students free of cost. The first batch of graduates is now employed by the school to help other students learn the art, beside being a way to earn their livelihood. The sewing team is head by specialist Ms. Mamta.

Apart from sewing, the school is also running embroidery classes under the guidance of Mr. Rukmani Nandan. She says, “Embroidery is a dying art and we are trying to keep it alive by passing on the legacy to its students.”

Embroidery Classes at SMS

Embroidery Classes at SMS

Sandipani Muni School was started in 2002 as a project to help girls from the poorest sectors of society to get an education. It has been an outstanding success in many ways, winning numerous awards and expanding to include more and more children every year. More than a thousand girls attend the various schools run by Food for Life Vrindavan, which is a Vrindavan Today supported NGO.

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