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Shopkeepers fined for using polythene

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Mathura 2016.05.27 (VT): The city administration launched a campaign on Thursday to limit the use of polythene by shop keepers. Those who found guilty were imposed fines of 5,000 to 11,000 rupees. The campaign was launched in the Holi Gate area. Many shopkeepers closed and absconded when they became aware of the campaign.

Two years ago, the Allahabad High Court officially banned the use of plastic bags by shopkeepers in Mathura. The State Government also backed the court’s decision last year and instructed the city administration to enforce the law strictly. Even after that, however, shopkeepers continued to openly use polythene bags.

Ravindra Kumar (ADM Revenue), Ram Araj Yadav (City Magistrate) along with the team from Mathura Municipal Corporation and Police raided the shops near Holi Gate area in Mathura. Fines were imposed on six shops in the General Ganj and Agra Road areas.

Krishna Dairy, Jain Dairy and Giriraj Dairy were made to pay fines of 11,000 rupees each; and the Rangeshwar Sweet Centre juice shops paid a fine of 5,000 rupees each. Even a pushcart fruit seller was made to pay a fine of 500 rupees for using poly bags. Many pushcart vendors and shopkeepers escaped after knowing about the raid.

The city administration collected a total amount of 43,500 rupees from the fines.

The ADM also showed his concern about illegal encroachment on footpaths near Gurudwara. The local vendors started escaping and vacating the footpath as soon as they saw the raids. The rest of the vendors were fined and instructed not to repeat the act again.


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