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Bhagwat Katha by Radha Krishnaji Maharaj

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Vrindavan 2016.06.08 (VT): Vrindavan, the city of Radha Rani, is famous for the past times of Radha and Krishna, for their temples, for the saints and the Bhagwat Katha. Famous speaker Shri Radha Krishnaji Maharaj is doing Bhagwat katha these days at Fogla Ashram in Vrindavan.

The Bhagwat katha started at 9:30 am on Tuesday with the welcoming of the famous Rajasthani speaker Radha Krishna Maharaj by the sponsors, the Chandhok family from Nanded, Maharashtra. The programme started with the aarti of Bhagwat Purana followed by the aarti of saints and Radha Krishna Maharaj. During his discourse, Maharaj spoke about how a Vaishnava should behave, particularly in the Dham. He also used many examples from the Puranas for the crowd. The programme ended at around 2:30 pm with aarti of the Bhagwat Puran, followed by lunch.

The Katha will run till June 13th from morning 9:30 am till afternoon 1:30 pm. The organisers have also arranged an evening programme in a daily basis from 7:00 pm onwards which will showcase beautiful past times of Radha and Krishna.

Devotees dancing to the Kirtan of Radha Krishna

Radha Krishna Maharaj Bhagwat Katha (11)

The devotees coming for the Bhagwat Katha going on at Fogla Ashram by Radha Krishna Maharaj also enjoyed the kirtan from the saint. After his discourse, Maharaj began singing kirtan in a sweet voice, which got the devotees dancing near the stage area. People from all age groups danced for hours in devotion for Radha and Krishna.

Burglars had their day during Bhagwat Katha

While devotees from around the country thronged Fogla Ashramt to listen to Bhagwat Katha and make spiritual gains from it, pickpockets struck the place and stole 5 mobile phones and 2 gold chains.  The devotees reported the matter with the organising committee who in-turn took the help of Police.

Organiser Girish Chandhok said that as the entry is open to everyone, burglars can find it easy to steal in among thousands of devotees. He informed our correspondent that the organising committee is increasing security now but its hard to manage this big crowd without the help of the Police. Regular announcements were played in the ashram to warn the crowd of the presence of thieves.

Radha Krishna Maharaj Bhagwat Katha (1)

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