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Playground of Krishna and Sridama, Garud Govind Temple

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Vrindavan 2016.06.22 (VT): The Garud Govind temple in Vrindavan is associated with the pastimes of Lord Krishna and one of his best friends, Sridama. It is said that once while playing, Sridama became Garud bird, and little Krishna became Vishnu with four arms and rode on him. The temple depicts the same pastimes of Lord Krishna and his friends.

Garud Govind Temple Campus

Temple is located at Chatikara area in Vrindavan, whose historical name is Shakatikara. It is said that when Nand Baba was migrating from Gokul to Nandgaon, he along with other villagers stopped here for a while to take rest. He stayed here for few weeks and made a semi-circular place to stay with the help of millions of bullocks (Shakat) from other villagers. That’s how the place got the name as Shakatikara.

The Garud Govind temple is situated at the place where Lord Krishna and Balram used to feed their cows and play with their friends. The temple has a deity of Lord Krishna in the form of Vishnu or Govind, riding Garud bird. On the left hand of Lord Krishna, is the deity of Laddu Gopal (little Krishna) and on the right hand is the deity of Goddess Lakshmi. A deity of Goddess Satybhama is near the left leg of Lord Krishna and deity of Goddess Rukmani is near the right leg of the Lord. As Goddess Lakshmi is not allowed to be a part of daily acts of Lord Krrishna in Vrindavan, she is staying on the outskirts of the city with her Lord.

Head priest of the temple, Raju Gautam said that the deities are thousands of years old and were installed by Vajranabh, grandson of Lord Krishna. During the invasion of muslim fanatic Aunagzeb, deities were hidden in Govind Kund beside the temple. Later on the temple was reconstructed from donations by the devotees and the deities were re-installed.

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