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No celebration on deities’ appearance day in Barsane

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Barsane 2016.06.25 (VT): The celebration for the upcoming deities’ appearance day a the Shree Ji temple in Barsane is cancelled due to high protest from surrounding villages. The villagers are also planning to go to high court alleging the organising committee of the temple is trying to  mock Bhajan evening, public lunch and old traditions. Though there has been no response from the committee yet.

Sewayat Goswami Maya Devi wrote a letter to temple receiver Dr. Krishna Murari Goswami in cntext to the protest by the villagers. In the letter she has refused to have any information from the organising committee in relation to the celebrations on July 6th, which is the deities’ appearance day at Barsane. She also said that the temple committee won’t be responsible for any miss-happening during the celebration, if that will occur because of the organisers. Dr. Murari in-turn replied that sewayats will be responsible for the miss-happenings, if any.

Ex-chairman of the temple committee, Sanjay Goswami said that the current committee is overlooking the old traditions and is trying to mock them. It’s because if these reasons they will go to the court along with the villagers to get a stay order on any celebration on the appearance day. Sub – Divisional Magistrate Govardhan Anjani Kumar Singh also said that the traditions will be maintained and that no one will be allowed to mock them. He said that the Police team at the Barsane region has already been informed to keep check on everything till July 6th.

Protest from Goswami Gurugaddi

The Goswami from Brajacharya Peeth has also shown their protest against the celebrations on Radha Rani’e deity appearance day at Shree Ji temple Barsane. Goswami Ghanshyam Raj Bhatt said that the planned celebrations are against the regular traditions being followed from ages. He said that a team will go and meet the district magistrate to show their protest against the rule breaking at the temple.

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