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13 more lakes were freed from encroachment

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Vrindavan 2016.06.25 (VT): The campaign to free villages from any disputes is benefiting the lakes as well. As a result lakes are now getting free from illegal encroachment by land mafias. Along with that, city administration is also planning for the beautification of the lakes to boost tourism.

The city administration is running a campaign these days to free villages from any kind of land or legal disputes. As per the campaign, Police and Revenue department teams free 13 more lakes to make it a total of 21 lakes which were freed from illegal encroachment. District Magistrate Nikhil Chandra Shukla said that the teams freed lakes in the villages of Khanpur, Islampur, Zikiryapur and Azam Bangar. These villages fall under the jurisdiction of Mahavan sub-district of Mathura.

Illegal encroachment from the villages of Avakhera, Ayera, Gadhi Hariya and Chandpur Kalaan were also removed during the campaign, which are under the jurisdiction of Maant sub-district. A team also freed the lake at Shahpur Jatan area of Mathura and Gazipur lake at Govardhan.

The campaign ran will run till next month to free more lake from illegal encroachments. This month two, the team will work for two more days to free few more lakes in Braj.

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