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The Pushti Marg saints: (2) Krishna Bhat — Part 1

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VARTA 2: The story of Krishna Bhat, the son of Sri Gusainji’s disciple Padmaraval, a Sanchore Brahmin who lived in Ujjain.


Krishna Bhatt was a sattvik devotee. In the lila his name is “Ras Vilasini.” She is an expansion of Sri Lalitaji, thus she is the personification of Lalitaji’s loving feelings. Ras Vilasini is Sri Chandravaliji’s close and trusted sakhi. For this reason, Sri Chandravaliji can converse with her about her private loving exchanges with the Beloved. At that time they both enjoy the Nectar of such contemplation. And Sri Chandravaliji makes all her intimate lady friends and companions and share in her own experience and in this way sheds light on such nectarean activities.

Krishna Bhat was born into the home of Padmaraval, a Sanchore Brahmin. Padmaraval was a servant of Sri Acharyaji. The deep import of his story will be revealed first. Padmaraval had four sons, of whom Krishna Bhat was the eldest. He was well educated, and later he was married to a wife who was a fit vessel, a divine soul. They had two sons: Gokul Bhat and Govinda Bhat. Both were divine, connected with the lila. We will talk about their divine identities first.

Once Sri Gusainji came to Ujjain. At that time Krishna Bhat and his family served him. Later Krishna Bhat humbly prayed to Sri Gusainji thus, “Maharaj! Have you any instructions for me?”

Sri Gusainji instructed him, “Serve the Lord.” Then Sri Gusainji gave Krishna Bhat a swarup [deity] of child Krishna. Then Krishna Bhat again supplicated, “Maharaj! I wish to serve you, my master.”

Then Sri Gusainji gave him his own sandals (padukas) as well. A few days later, Sri Gusainji left Ujjain. Krishna Bhat was deeply troubled by dire feelings of separation from Sri Gusainji. His physical state also became unstable. Then Sri Gusainji told Chacha Harivamsji, “Krishna Bhat’s condition is still raw. Go and stay with him for a time.”

Thereafter, leaving Chacha Harivamsji there, he left for Arail. By spending time with Chacha Harivamsji, Krishna Bhat got a firm grasp of the Path. He learned about the traditions and so forth. Later, many souls would receive Sri Gusainji’s shelter due to Krishna Bhat’s association.

Krishna Bhat had great affection for the Vaishnavas. He had five or ten thousand rupees. Whenever any Vaishnava would come to Ujjain, he would invite that Vaishnava to his home and would serve him prasad with great affection. He would insist on their staying for several days. When that Vaishnava was ready to leave, Krishna Bhat would open his backpack the night before and put money inside. He did it in such a way that the Vaishnava did not even know. Only later when that Vaishnava unpacked his bags would he come to know what Krishna Bhat had done. That was how much Krishna Bhat loved Vaishnavas.

Day and night, Krishna Bhat would read the books of Sri Acharyaji and Sri Gusainji. He used to read them to the Vaishnavas who came to his house. So firm was he on the Path! He was always submerged in loving remembrance of the Lord. And every year, Krishna Bhat used to come from Ujjain to have an audience with Sri Gusainji. He would remain in Sri Gusainji’s service there for two to three months at a time.

*********PART 1*********

Once Krishna Bhat was immersed in the service of Sri Gusainji. Sri Gusainji was very pleased to see Krishna Bhat’s loving service. One day by his grace, he gave the whole book of Sri Subodhiniji [Vallabhacharyaji’s commentary to the Bhagavatam] to Krishna Bhat. But Krishna Bhat couldn’t understand it at all. Then out of compassion, Sri Gusainji wrote a commentary revealing the deep meaning of Sri Subodhiniji and gave that commentary to Krishna Bhat.


Through that commentary, Sri Gusainji infused the secrets and divine moods of Pushti Marg in Krishna Bhat’s heart.

Just by looking at the book, Krishna Bhat was seized by divine feeling. The secrets which were hidden in Sri Acharyaji’s commentary were revealed in Sri Gusainji’s Tippaniji commentary, and Sri Gusainji established all of that in Krishna Bhat’s heart. Such immense mercy Sri Gusainji bestowed upon Krishna Bhat!


In a similar way, Sri Acharyaji had given sandalwood paste and water in which the Lord’s feet had been washed to Padmaraval, and from the moment he partook of these, the philosophy of Sri Acharyaji’s path manifested within him. Like that, Krishna Bhat experienced everything just by looking at the book; in this way it should be understood.

From that day on, after returning home Krishna Bhat would read and speak on `Sri Subodhiniji~, every day, as a rule. And at that time all the Vaishnavas would hear from him. The primary audience member used to be Nihal Chand Bhai. And other Vaishnavas from that place and elsewhere would also come to listen. Then after some days, Krishna Bhat came to Gokul. A Kunbi Vaishnava came with him. The Kunbi Vaishnava used to follow Krishna Bhat wherever he went. One day in Sri Nathdwar [Jatipura] Sri Gusainji, after bathing, was ascending Sri Govardhan Hill. Sri Gusainji led the way and Krishna Bhat followed. And behind him came the Kunbi Vaishnava.

At that time the Kunbi Vaishnava asked Krishna Bhat, “Bhatji! One day you said in katha that Sri Govardhan is replete with precious metals and encrusted with jewels. And that Govinda Kund is full of milk. But I can’t see any of that!”

In this way the Kunbi Vaishnava questioned Krishna Bhat. And Sri Gusainji heard what he had said. Then Sri Gusainji turned to Krishna Bhat and said, “What is this Vaishnava saying?”

Then the Kunbi Vaishnava said to Sri Gusainji with folded hands, “Maharaj! One day Krishna Bhat said in in his discourse that Sri Govardhan is replete with precious metals and encrusted with jewels. And that Govinda Kund is full of milk. But Maharaj! I can’t see anything.” Sri Gusainji didn’t say anything at that time.


Why? Because he was arriving for his seva and he could not be late for that, so Sri Gusainji did not speak.

Then Sri Gusainji arrived in Sri Nathaji’s temple for seva. He adorned Sri Govardhan Nathaji and performed Rajbhog arati, then went outside the temple. At that time Sri Gusainji asked, “Where is the Kunbi Vaishnava?” Then that Vaishnava said, “Maharaj! I am the Kunbi.” Then Sri Gusainji said, “Now look carefully.”

Then the Kunbi saw Sri Govardhan full of precious metals and covered with gems! And he saw Govinda Kund filled with milk. Sri Gusainji granted the Kunbi Vaishnava a true vision of Braj.

Then the Kunbi Vaishnava bowed down low before Sri Gusainji and said, “Maharaj! Who but you would grant such grace upon such an insignificant soul as me?”

Then Sri Gusainji walked down Sri Govardhan Hill. The Kunbi Vaishnava went to Govinda Kund and filled a small water pot there. Later he showed it to Krishna Bhat. And the Kunbi Vaishnava said to Krishna Bhat, “By your mercy Sri Gusainji granted me an other worldly vision. That was his grace upon me, and it happened by your mercy.” Such an accomplished Vaishnava was Krishna Bhat; a vessel of Sri Gusainji’s grace.


This incident reveals how the Path becomes fruitful through the Vaishnavas. Thus one should remain in communion with Vaishnavas all the time. From this all is attained. By the grace of the Vaishnavas one receives the grace of Sri Guru. When the Guru is pleased, nothing remains unattained. That is why the association of Vaishnavas is the greatest thing of all.

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