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Krishna Circuit Plan doesn’t include Gokul, Rawal

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Vrindavan 2016.06.27 (VT): The Central Government is trying to attract more tourists to Braj Dham for which they are preparing a development plan by the name of Shri Krishna Circuit. The plan will include the development of places of traditional and cultural interest closely associated to Radha and Krishna. The Government has allocated a budget of 98 crore rupees for the development plan, but has not included the Rawal, the birth place of Radha, and Gokul, the childhood home of Krishna.

The Tourism and Cultural Department of the Central Government is planning to make a circuit by developing the places associated with the pastimes of Radha and Krishna. Working on this plan, the department has included Nandgaon, Barsana, Mathura, Vrindavan and Govardhan.

The Tourism Department’s presentation to the Central Government

City Tourism Officer Anupam Srivastava made his presentation of the Shri Krishna Circuit Plan to the Ministry of Tourism in Delhi yesterday. During the presentation, he said that the project will cover almost all the main areas in Braj except Gokul and Rawal, which are not a part of the first phase.

He also said that the project will start from Govardhan Hill. According to his presentation, the 21-kilometer Govardhan parikrama marg will have public facilities, pilgrim shelters, solar powered lights, etc.

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