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The Pushti Marg saints: (2) Krishna Bhat — Part 2

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On another occasion, Krishna Bhat became a servant of Sri Govardhana Nathaji’s inner chamber. Krishna Bhat used to serve Sri Govardhan Nathaji and dress and decorate Him. But in his heart he had one desire: he had never touched the Lords Feet but he felt, “One day, I wish to touch his feet.”


The reason was that Krishna Bhat said to himself, “What would be the reward of touching his feet? If Sri Govardhana Nathaji of his own will allows me to touch his feet, then I will know that he has really had mercy upon me. Even bees touch Sri Nathaji’s feet, but they are ignorant. So when Sri Govardhan Nathaji of his own accord and with respect for Sri Gusainji’s blessings mercifully places his two lotus feet upon my head, then I will know that he has granted me the touch of his feet.

Krishna Bhat passed many days serving in this way. Sri Nathaji knew the desire of Krishna Bhat’s heart. One day as Sri Gusainji was adorning Sri Nathaji, the Lord said to him, “Look! Krishna Bhat has been serving me for so many days, but his desire to touch my lotus feet has never been fulfilled.”

Krishna Bhat was standing nearby fanning [sri Nathaji]. Sri Gusainji looked at him and asked, “Krishna Bhat, what’s this Sri Govardhan Nathaji is saying?”

Krishna Bhat bowed flat and submitted before Sri Gusainji, “O, Great Maharaj!! What Sri Govardhan Nathaji has spoken is true. But please convey one request of mine to Sri Govardhan Nathaji: Has Krishna Bhat become worthy of your lotus feet? Will you cause him to touch your lotus feet? If so, then order me to, and I will touch Your lotus feet.”

Sri Gusainji was pleased to hear Krishna Bhat’s words.


This was because Krishna Bhat displayed humility when making his wish known.

After that, Sri Gusainji humbly said to Sri Nathaji, “Dear One! Did you hear what Krishna Bhat said?”

Then, heeding Sri Gusainji’s words, the Lord of Govardhana mercifully said to Krishna Bhat, “Krishna Bhat, come forward.” And smiling, Sri Nathaji lifted up his right lotus foot from his foot rest. Then Sri Gusaiji said, “Krishna Bhat! You are extremely blessed! Now touch his lotus feet.”

When he heard Sri Gusainji’s words, Krishna Bhat was filled with a sweet, innocent excitement. He was unable to speak in reply. Seeing Krishna Bhat’s condition, Sri Gusainji took Krishna Bhat’s hand in his and made him touch Sri Nathaji’s lotus feet. Then Krishna Bhat was able to speak. First he bowed flat on the ground before Sri Gusainji, then he offered full obeisance to Sri Govardhana Nathaji and after touching his lotus feet, touched his hands to his eyes and his heart.

Thereafter, Krishna Bhat supplicated Sri Gusainji, “Maharaj! By the grace of your lotus feet may the Lord’s lotus feet always remain manifest within my heart. Then Sri Gusainji, knowing the purity of Krishna Bhat’s feeling, blessed him in front of Sri Govardhan Nathaji, saying, “Tathastu!—Let it be so!”

Krishna Bhat only touched Sri Govardhan Nathaji’s feet in Sri Gusainji’s presence. From that day forward, Krishna Bhat did not again touch Sri Govardhana Nathaji’s feet.


This was because, once the sweet inner experience had become strong, he was no longer dependent on the physical action.

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