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Heavy rainfall hindered parikrama at Govardhan

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Govardhan 2016.06.28 (VT): Heavy rainfall on Tuesday has halted the seven-day long parikrama if Govardhan hill. 21 kilometre long parikrama road is water logged at many places showing the loopholes in preparations before Muriya festival. The rain water has even entered the houses of many people staying in the area.

Heavy rainfall on Tuesday has given some relief from humidity, but has blocked the Govardhan parikrama road at many places. The water logging at some places is more than 2 feet. Govardhan Bada Bazar parikrama road, Saunkh Adda, Deeg Adda,das Visa, etc are water logged causing trouble to devotees doing seven-days parikrama of the sacred hill. Jatipura, Anyor and Radha Kund too have the same situation.

Few days back, city administration boated about the preparations they have done for the upcoming Muriya festival in July, but Tuesday’s rainfall has shown the loopholes in that. Chocked drains has resulted the rain water to get diverted to the houses nearby which resulting annoyance for the city administration in local residents.

Few devotees started the parikrama in rain water facing the trouble caused by the water logging near the markets. Many trees were also fallen due to heavy wind along with the rain. This has further increased the problem for the devotees doing parikrama of Govardhan hill.

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