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Vraja Vilasa: Radharani’s mother Kirtida

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May Mother Kirtida, who anxiously, carefully and lovingly sends her nurse’s two daughters to Sri Radhika’s abode in Vraja to inquire daily about her welfare, protect us.


anudinam iha mātrā rādhikā bhavya-vārtāḥ
kalayitum atiyatnāt preṣyate dhātrikāyāḥ
duhitṛ-yugalam uccaiḥ prema-pūra-prapañcair
vikala-mati yayāsau kīrtidā sāvatān naḥ

Stavāmṛta Kaṇā Vyākhyā: Raghunath Das Goswami praises Sri Radha’s Mother Kirtida and takes shelter at her feet. Kirtida is verily a bestower of fame (kīrti = fame and = bestower).

On the bank of the Godavari River Mahaprabhu asked Ramananda Ray: kīrti-gaṇa madhye jīvera kon boḍo kīrti? “What is the greatest fame for a living being?”, to which Ramananda Ray replied: kṛṣṇa prema bhakta boli yāra hoy khyāti “He who is known as a devotee who loves Krishna (is the most famous).” (Caitanya-caritāmṛta)

In the whole world, the lovers of Krishna are verily the most famous. Mother Kirtida has bound the presiding goddess of love, or Prema Lakshmi, Sri Radharani, in the net of her motherly love as her daughter, and thus has given all the sādhakas of the world the lucky opportunity to attain prema. In this way she has verily become the bestower of fame (kīrtidā) to the world.

Das Goswami says: “When Sri Radha stays in her in-laws’ abode at Javat, Mother Kirtida, agitated by feelings of motherly love, daily sends two daughters of her nurses there to inquire about her welfare. One name Das Goswami mentions in the praise of Sri Radhika’s 108 names is mātṛ sneha pīyūṣa putrikā: “Sri Radharani is the embodiment of her Mother Kirtida’s feelings of motherly love.”

Although Radha is the embodiment of love of God and can bestow the highest welfare on the whole world by bestowing prema, Mother Kirtida is still always anxious that something might happen to her. This is the nature of love. The lover is always awake with worries about the beloved’s welfare. Along with the constant thoughts about the beloved’s welfare there is always the fear: “I know some accident has happened, I know some accident has happened!” in the heart. aniṣṭā-śaṅkīni bandhu-hṛdayāni bhavanti hi “Apprehension of mishap always dwells in the heart of the friend.” (Abhijñāna Śakuntalā Nāṭaka – 4)

In this play we also find the words sineho pāpam āsaṅkādi. This is in the Prakrit language. In Sanskrit it is: snehaḥ pāpam āśaṅkate, or: “Affection causes the apprehension of evil (i.e., inauspiciousness in general). One is always afraid something inauspicious may befall the beloved.

Because Mother Kirtida is always worried and overwhelmed by loving anxiety she most lovingly and diligently sends two daughters of her nurses to Javat to inquire about Sri Radha’s welfare. Mother Kirtida, who is the embodiment of deep motherly love, knows that apart from her, who can desire the welfare of Sri Radha or look after her? Mother Kirtida never wants to lose Sri Radharani out of her sight, but: “Alas! Why has the Creator created this subservient woman’s life?”

Thinking like this, mother floats in tears of love and lovingly and diligently sends out two daughters of her nurses to find out if she is allright. The closer a river comes to the ocean, the more turbulent it gets. Similarly, Mother Kirtida is very close to the Radha ocean of love, that can be heard from Sri Radharani’s own mouth: śiśu-kāla hoite māyera sohāge, sohāginī boḍo āmi “From my childhood I was always dearly beloved by my mother.” Hence the worries about auspiciousness or inauspiciousness befalling to Sri Radha’s are like a garland of waves that eternally billow on the river of Mother Kirtida’s heart. When the daughters of the nurses return and tell her that everything is well with Sri Radha, mother finds peace and takes her bath and her meal. Das Goswami says: “May that Mother Kirtida protect us!”

śrī rādhāra kuśala vārtā jānibāra tare;
atīva vyākula hoiyā cintita antare
prīti sahakāre pāṭhāya dhātrī-kanyā-dvaye;
prati dina ihā yāra kārya sūcī hoye
vraja mājhe khyāti yāra śrī rādhāra mātā
āmāre korun rakṣā se mātā kīrtidā

May Mother Kirtida, who is very anxious at heart to know about Sri Radha’s welfare and therefore lovingly sends two daughters of her nurses to her abode to inquire about her every day, and who is famous in Vraja as Sri Radha’s mother, protect us.

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