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All devotees to get Bankey Bihari’s prasad

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Vrindavan 2016.07.04 (VT): All devotees visiting the world famous Thakur Bankey Bihari temple will now get prasad. The new organising committee has prepared a blueprint for establishing kiosks in and around the temple to distribute Thakur Ji’s prasad. This is part of a global plan to upgrade the temple facilities on behalf of the devotees.

Vice Chairman rajat Goswami (centre), with member Dinesh Goswami and Ex- Voce Chairman Ghanshyam Goswami

Vice Chairman Rajat Goswami (centre), with member Dinesh Goswami and Ex- Vice Chairman Ghanshyam Goswami (Photo: Hindustan)

The newly formed organising committee of the temple took charge on Friday, July 1, when the new members took an oath to serve the Lord and his devotees. The Committee vice chairman Rajat Goswami and member Dinesh Goswami said that the blue print to upgrade the services is ready, and will be discussed with the members in the next committee meeting.

Rajat Sharma also said that the prime focus as of now is to distribute Thakur Ji’s prasad to every devotee visiting the temple. For this purpose, small kiosks will be set up in and around the temple. The plan also includes upgrading and development of the 150-year-old temple and other properties related to it, so that they can also rendered serviceable.

The Temple foundation will be reconstructed

A few years ago, a railing was installed inside the temple to organise the movement of devotees seeking darshan. It was removed about a year ago, but it has been discovered that the railing had weakened the temple foundations. Vice chairman Rajat Goswami said that the organising committee will soon contact experts to identify the weak areas and repair them accordingly.

The “kacchi rasoi” (kitchen for Raj Bhog or lunch service of Thakur Ji) of the temple is already under construction and will soon be ready to provide kachha bhog to Thakur Ji.  He said that the committee will be focusing on the development of the temple and related properties and there are no plans to create a golden throne for the Thakur as of now as has been reported earlier.

Reverse Osmosis water facility for devotees

Two reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers have also been installed for the convenience of the devotees. Each RO has the capacity to filter 2,000 litres of water in an hour and has a cooler also to provide cold drinking water. One machine has been installed at Entry Gate 1, the other at Gate 3.

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