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3,000 trees to be planted at Jawahar Bagh

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Mathura 2016.07.06 (VT): 3,000 saplings will be planted at Jawahar Bagh in Mathura as a part of the State Government run campaign of mass plantation. Local authorities are preparing to return Jawahar Bagh its lost glory and greenery after two years of illegal encroachment, which ended with the burning of thousands of trees.

The followers of Ram Vriksh Yadav did all they could to destroy the once lush and green Jawahar Bagh. They not only cut the trees for cooking and housing purposes, but also burned them after the Police operation to free the park of their illegal occupation on June 2.

The incident gave a haunted look to what was originally intended as a nature park.

Now the City Administration and Horticulture Department authorities are trying to revive the greenery in the area, under the State Government aided campaign. The ground has already been dug as a preparation for the planting. The State Government campaign to set a world record for tree planting — five crore saplings in one day — will take place on July 11 across the state.

Mathura Forest Department has also got their targets accordingly for plantation, which was further delegated to the respective authorities. 3,000 plants will planted in the Jawahar Bagh area, while rest 500 plants will be planted at Chandmari and Auragbad locations.

Across the state, however, there is a great deal of concern over what will happen to the trees once planted. Funds have been allotted for the planting — Rs 30 per saplling — but in many places there has been no proper arrangement for the periodic watering of the plants. Officials only said that naturally growing local species would be planted to improve their chances for survival.

Last year, Uttar Pradesh was enlisted in the Guinness Book of World Records for planting the greatest number of saplings in one day after 10 lakh saplings were planted at 10 locations on November 7.

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