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Poor condition of cows in Kanha’s Braj

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Vrindavan 2016.08.13 (VT): Cow, the dearest of all animals for Lord Krishna, is living in pitiable condition in the land of Krishna. They are wandering from places to places for food and shelter. Even cowsheds are not able to accommodate them and feed them, especially in the monsoon season, despite getting heavy donations in the name of cows.

“Brajwasi Orphan Cow’s shed” located at Pani Ghat in an area of 9750 square metres. But the condition of cowshed is very pitiable. Cows are living under tin shed which is also not enough to accommodate all of them. Rest of them are standing under the sky facing heavy rainfall during the monsoon season. Bogs at many places are further limiting their movement. This is the condition of almost all the cowsheds in Braj where cows are fighting for their own existence, and their managers are using all the money from donations for their own benefits.

Such poor conditions of cows have resulted in sickness in many of them. Many are suffering from disease which can’t be cured. The cowsheds also don’t have a veterinary doctor to deal with the illness of cattle. Doctors from Govind Dham cowshed, Malook Peeth cowshed along with few others were called each time to cure a disease.

Apart from that, cows are also bound to eat wet food as cowsheds have kept their feed under shade to protect from rainfall. Most of these foods are infected by seasonal insects leading to serious diseases in cows and calves. Man cows can also be seen malnourished reflecting the shortage of food in cowsheds.

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