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Sanket Bihari Reinstallation Ceremony

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Nanda Gaon, 2014.10.05 (VT): As reported on Oct. 1, the deities stolen from Sanket Sthali were recovered by the police. After going through the bureaucratic procedures, the deities were returned to the sevaits in Sanket. Yesterday, entire village celebrated the return.

Ramesh Babaji Maharaj went to Sanket for the abhishek and reinstallation ceremony of Shri Shri Radha Sanket Bihariji. He was very moved as the pouring of the abhishek liquids cooled their Lordships, who have been without worship for the last year.


Rajendra Dasji, the mahant of Maluk Peeth in Vanshi Bat Vrindavan, and Ramaraj Maharaj, also from the Ramanandi sampradaya, Suthset Maharaj, the acharya of the Narayana Bhatta sampradaya, spoke briefly after Baba Shri to the enthusiastic Brijwasi residents of Sanket. The reunion with their Lordships united all the villagers. Today Sanket was in full celebration.

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