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Boundless joy of ‘Seva Mahotsava’ concludes amidst cultural beats

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Vrindavan, 2016.12.18 (VT): The ‘Seva Mahotsava’ at Radha Raman Mandir concludes amidst the cultural beats. It was boundless joy, and ecstatic moments for the devotees during the ‘festivity’, as they relished the taste of unceasing devotional services.
The Eternal Service of Radha Raman and the daily activities of the temple, during the eight periods of the day, were performed under the direction of His Holiness Acharya Shivatsa Goswami ji Maharaj.
The decoration of the Sanctum Sanctorum was dedicated to Shriman Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s 500th anniversary of Vrindavan arrival. The tableau of different pilgrimage sites of Vraja was prepared, where Lord Chaitanya went during His visit. Be it the daily darshan of the Lord in different costumes, the rituals from morning (Mangla Aarati) to the night (Shayan Aarati), His admiration through the vocal song or dance, Kirtan by the Vaishnavas, discourse by the Acharyas, and the decoration of the temple, each moment were celebrated by the devotees.
More than a dozen of Brahmins were engaged to recite the religious scripts of Gopi Gita, Bhagvatam, and Gopal Sashasra Naam etc. every morning.
The sevait families of Radha Raman Mandir are allotted a calendar in advance for their personal seva (service) period and they perform seva accordingly. The ‘Periodic Seva’ of the family of Jagat Guru Shri Purushottam Goswami ji Maharaj began from the evening of 7th December, 2016.
During the ten days long ‘periodic seva’, several well known artists performed in front of the Lord. The nectar of Bhakti was distributed by Dr. Achyuta Lal Bhatt through his daily discourse every morning. Acharya Shri Venu Gopal ji Goswami’s Bhajan was a special attraction among the devotees.
Padmashree Geeta Chandran, Sharanya Chandran and the dancers from the Natya Vriksha fascinated the devotees with their classical performances of Bharatnatyam. Smt. Kunja Lata Mishra and the dancers from the Venu Nad Kala Kendra enthralled the audiences with their Odissi performance.
Padmashree Madhup Mudgal, Shri Govind Bhargav, Smt. Aastha Goswami, Smt. Chandrima Roy Mazumdar, Shri Rakesh Ajaana, Shri Sandip Vaidya, Shri Satish Sharma mesmerized the Lord and His devotees with their vocal and instrumental performances.

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