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The Excellences of Hari XIV

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Now while the cowherds were in games immersed,

They noted not the cattle had dispersed

Into the jungle inaccessible,

And were therefore downcast and miserable;

They made a frantic search throughout the wood,

Deploring much their loss of livelihood.

The cows, and goats, and buffalo had strayed,

And entered in a bosky munja glade;

The boys pursued the path the cows had passed,

And found them in the munja grove at last.

Krishna, with his majestic thunderous voice,

Called back the cows, whereat they did rejoice,

The eager cattle came forth at a bound,

And, lowing, made a ‘humba humba’ sound.

Then once again the wind and heat conspire

The jungle to consume in a wild fire;

At Krishna’s feet the boys did supplicate,

To save them from their terrifying fate.

And when Govinda heard their fearful cries,

He said to them, “Fear not, just close your eyes”.

And when they had their eyes opened once more,

Found themselves at Bhandira, as before.

The cowherds having witnessed this strange scene,

Krishna as some immortal god did ween.

And so they drove the cattle home again,

Where all day long the elders did remain,

And played his flute with ever new delight,

Which did the cowherd damosels excite;

A moment dragged on like a million years,

Until that flute song entered in their ears.

Thus Ram and Krishna with their friends engage

In diverse sports, appropriate to their age;

When through the ears he enters in the heart,

Krishna avows he never shall depart.

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