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Chief Minister Reviews Mathura development projects

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Mathura, 2014.10.08 (VT): After slow progress, the Govardhan Project will soon be getting wings. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has taken an interest in it. He took detailed report of the project being run in Goverdhan and Vrindavan in last three years by telephoning the District Magistrate Mrs. B. Chandrakala. He assured the District Magistrate that more funds will be availed for the development projects.

The District Administration of Mathura got special instruction from the CM’s office to prepare a detailed report on ongoing development in Mathura as well as any projects completed in the last three years. As soon as the fax was received by the DM’s office at 10 p.m on Sunday, different departments told to prepare detailed reports. This was compiled in the presence of the District Magistrate and sent to the Chief Minister’s secretariat on the next day. After studying the report the Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav talked to the DM on the phone and she gave the latest updates to the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister shows interest in development of Van Chetna Kendra

The District Magistrate briefed the Chief Minister on the joint endeavor of the Social Forestry Department and the Mathura-Vrindavan Development Authority to develop the Van Chetna Kendra (“forest awareness center”).

The Van Chetna Kendra is the green space between Mathura and Vrindavan that has been neglected for a long period of time. It used to be a place of attraction for residents of Vrindavan and Mathura two decades ago, when it had been developed as a mini zoo. Rabbits, alligators, birds, monkeys, and deer were kept there. But it was closed down for non-maintenance and the animals sent to different zoos in the state.

The CM was informed that this place will be revived again as a “green recreation centre.”

Work on Goverdhan bypass road

When the Samajwadi Party took charge of the State Government, it gave the green signal for development of Goverdhan. The District Administration was given funds for building roads. But construction of Goverdhan bypass road and a four lane road between Mathura and Goverdhan was very slow, remaining in the planning stage.

The DM informed the Chief Minister that there were not insufficient funds for these projects. She proposed building a parking area in Goverdhan that will help controlling the traffic. She insisted that the bypass be built to ease traffic movement. The CM assured her that funds will be quickly released for these development projects.

Arrangements for deity immersion

The Chief Minister sought information on what alternate arrangements were being made for the immersion of deities after Durga Puja and other Puja. The DM reported that temporary pits had been dug on the banks of Yamuna near the bore wells. The District Administration has proposed building proper immersion facilities at cost of Rs. 40 million. The Chief Minister said that the proposal would be considered by the Government.

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