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Sunrakh Van to be transformed into bio-diversity Centre

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DSC_0170.jpg Vrindavan, 2016.12.29 (VT): The pilgrims can enjoy the nature, while visiting the temples of Vrindavan. They will be rewarded with unforgettable impressions, a profound sense of relaxation and a feeling of being at one with nature.

The forest land of Sunrakh Van will be transformed into Bio-diversity center. The UP Forestry department has sent a proposal of 45 crore to the State Government to attract the tourists. The Sunrakh Van is situated between the two modern temples of Prem Mandir and the Chandrodaya Mandir, which is under construction. It is not very far from the Iskcon Temple.

Vrindavan, once known for its ecological heritage, has left with no forest, and turned into a concrete jungle. The forest department’s proposal will help Vrindavan to regain its lost glory. The Nature lovers of Vrindavan have been demanding for such a project for a long time.

Spread over 119 acres of land, the bio diversity park will have a natural lake with boating facilities. The entire forest will be landscaped with fifty mounds. Each mound will have a specific kind of trees.

According to Shri M.K. Meena, the Bio diversity park will have the Pathways, Nature trail, Green lawn, Stone benches, modern toilets, digital facilities and a guest house. The project may soon get a nod from the government, in view of the pending assembly elections. If the project gets the approval and executed, it will prove a mile stone in Vrindavan’s development.

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