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Himalayan sadhu offers 156 tons of fruits to Shri Radhakunda

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Featured-Image-780x439.jpg A sadhu from the Himalayas offered 156 tons of fruit today on the banks of Shri Radhakund. The offering was done on the occasion of the new year.

For the last several years, Shri Balak Yogeshwar Ji Maharaj of Jammu and Kashmir has made the huge New Year’s offering. This afternoon, local Brajwasi families could be seen flocking excitedly to Shri Radhakund dressed in their finest attire.

Tonight, Shri Radhakund is decorated with colorful lights. Giant lotus flowers and waterfowl have been set afloat upon the holy lake’s surface. The local Brajwasis and other devotees are delighted at the spectacle.

The sadhu behind the festivities, Balak Yogeshwar Ji Maharaj, is a practitioner and guru of the Kriya Yoga tradition, however a miraculous event in the 1990s brought him to Radhakund. According to his website:

biography10.jpg “In 1990, an elderly person in the holy place “Radhakund” (Dist. Mathura, Uttar Pradesh) had a dream that he should deliver some Radha-Krishna murtis [sacred statues] to a very young sadhu (i.e. Balak Yogeshwar Maharaj) in Badrinath. Stirred up by this dream, that elderly man made out the whereabouts of the murtis to be delivered and upon excavating them, he started his journey towards Badrinath where he was searching for that young saint whom he initially could not find. The elderly man then again had a dream in which he was able to recognize Mahbalak-yogeshwar-ji-maharaj-2araj’s face, and by some divine arrangement they both met at the Badrinath temple the very next day. That’s the moment Balak Yogeshwar Maharaj received his beloved Radha-Krishna Deities of which he is very fond. Since his Deities came from that holy place Radhakund, Maharaj started visiting Radhakund occasionally in the year 1993, and he used to stay at that old man’s house who had delivered the Radha-Krishna murtis to him.” biography9.jpg

The enormous amount of prasad that was offered on Shri Radhakund’s steps will be distributed to devotees.

In years past, one could see beaming Brajwasi folk carrying home big boxes of fruit prasad for their families. What a lovely way to serve the residents of Shri Radha and Krishna’s beloved homeland!

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