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Foreign national crushed by the tractor trailer loaded with bricks

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img-20170109-wa0000Vrindavan, 2017 .01. 09 (VT): Loaded tractor trailers continue to endanger lives on the roads of Vrindavan. A foreign national was killed in a fatal accident on Monday, at Sunrakh Road. A tractor trailer loaded with bricks crushed the victim who was riding a bike.
Sharne N Tute (55), an Australian national from New South Wales came to Vrindavan, ten days before to serve the street cows. She was living with a friend in a rented house in Sant Colony. By profession a homeopath, she was in India in a student visa. She came to Vrindavan from Mayapur only 10 days before, where she was taking care of the cows. She had joined a group of western devotees who help the street cows in Vrindavan.
On the fateful day, she was driving a scooty towards the NRI Greens. She was hit by the tractor and was crushed under the wheels of the trailer. She died at the spot and the tractor driver managed to flee.
The body was left lying on the road for half an hour, till the police arrived. The body was sent for autopsy, which was later handed over to Iskcon. Her body was cremated after the autopsy was completed.
The FRO informed the family of the victim through the Australian embassy. The last rites and the funeral rituals were performed by the Iskcon devotees, after her siblings expressed their inability to travel to India. Her friend Maharani Devi Dasi alias Carole has lodged the First Information Report with the Vrindavan Police.
Tractors have been source of worry on the roads, as this is not the first time when it has resulted in deaths. The mining operations in the villages near Vrindavan and the construction work in the newly developed colonies in the outskirts of Vrindavan are responsible for the speeding tractors.
The speedy tractors have taken several lives so far. A twelve year boy of village Devi Atas was killed in 2011, when an overloaded trailer full of soil hit him. Tractor- trailer carrying sand had badly injured Siyaram Baba of Bhoot Gali in 2014, while he was doing Parikrama. After long treatment he succumbed to his injuries. Another devotee, an employee of Iskcon MVT, Tushti Mohan Das was killed by a tractor trailer in 2015. The tractor hit him from behind in front of the Vrindavan Research Institute, while he was driving a bike.


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