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Jagadguru Ramanandacharya glorified at Sudama Kuti

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01111.jpgVrindavan, 2017.01.19 (VT): Devotional programme, around a dozen tableau, depicting the pastimes of Lord Rama and a colorful procession marked the appearance day of Jagadguru Ramanandacharya in Vrindavan.

The celebrations started early in the morning on Thursday at Sudama Kuti, which is an important center for the followers of Ramanandi Sampradaya. Hundreds of devotees from all the Sampradayas assembled to pay homage to the great spiritual master.

The Mahants, saints and the scholars glorified the great spiritual master during the Vidvat Goshti (Scholarly conference) organized in his honor. A grand feast was organized at Sudama Kuti during the noon. Prasadam were distributed to the devotees and the poor.

Hundreds of ascetics participated in a procession organized on this occasion. The procession began from Sudama Kuti, in Vanshi Vat area. One dozen tableaus were taken out in the procession depicting the pastimes of Lord Rama. It passed through the different lanes and markets of Vrindavan, where the procession was welcomed by the shopkeepers and the Acharyas from different temples.

The Brahmins were chanting the shlokas of Ramayan, walking behind the chariot carrying the image of Ramanandacharya. Devotees were carried in the wave of sublime joy. They danced before the chariot of the Jagadguru.

Bhagvan Das Maharaj said, “Jagadguru Ramananda’s efforts, in a time when Ganges river plains of north India was under Islamic rule, helped revive and refocus Hindus to a personalized, direct devotional form of Rama worship, his liberalism and focus on the devotees’ commitment rather than birth or gender set a precedent that attracted people to spirituality from various walks of life, and his use of vernacular language instead of Sanskrit for spiritual ideas made sharing and reflection easier for the masses.”

Mahant Sutikshan Das Maharaj , Sant Amardas, Ramjeevan das, Balak Das, Raghav Das, Acharya Badrish, Ramesh Chandra Vidhi Shahsthri, Nand Kishore Agarwal, Bharat Sharma, Bharat Das Bhaktamali, Bhaktamal Das, Mahant Kamal Narayan Das, Ram Manohar Das, Acharya Atul Krishna Bharadwaj, Sanjeev Krishna Thakur, Jagannath Das Shashtri, Radha Madhav Das, Mahant Ful Dol Bihari Das etc. participated in the divine celebration.


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