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Narayandas’ Mistake and Viram’s Inner Mood

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This is the continuing serialization of 252 Vaishnavan ki varta, the lives of the saints following Vitthalnath, son of Vallabhacharya. It has been translated from the original Braj Bhasha by Krishnaa Kinkari Devi. This is the final section of the fifth varta, part 7-9. See previous.

**Part 7**

The beautiful cloth that Narayandas sent to Sri Gusainji was accepted into the Seva of Sri Nathaji and Sri Gusainji’s Sri Thakurji at home, for Sri Gusainji and his seven sons. Some of it was left over, and out of that Narayandas had a turban sent, the threads of which could only be seen if sprinkled with a little water.

Narayandas sent such a lovely lightweight [of only 50 grams] turban to Sri Gusainji every year. The turban was such that if it was wet it would immediately become dry whilst tying it on. If one soaked it water and put it down on the floor for it to dry, it would become invisible. One would have to sprinkle water on it to be able to see it. That was how fine the cloth was.

**Part 8**

At one time, there arose a necessity for funds for the store. Narayandas was sent a letter asking for the amount.

It took the messenger three days to reach Narayandas. Narayandas, however, had already sent a cheque to Sri Gusainji, which reached there at this same time. Champabhai the store manager went to Sri Gusainji and informed him, “O, Maharaj! We sent a request to Narayandas for funds, but he had already sent a cheque which has just arrived. What should I do?”

Sri Gusainji replied, “send one man to bring back the first demand.”

Champabhai said, “The man who went in the first place will already have reached that far place. Where would he meet the man we will send now to tell him to retract the request?”

Sri Gusainji said, “Well, alright, what has been done has been done.”

On the day that the letter requesting funds Sri Gusainji had sent arrived, Narayandas had a celebration. He made a huge donation, saying to Viram, “Sri Gusainji has greatly blessed me today by thinking of me as his own and asking for a donation.”

Narayandas was very happy. He fulfilled the request and sent the messenger back after feeding him Mahaprasad. Narayandas sent this letter to Sri Gusainji with that messenger:

“O, Maharaj, after so many days you have showered your blessings on me today. I am the fallen servant of your servants.” Narayandas filled that letter with such humble statements. The messenger returned to Sri Gusainji and presented the letter to him. Champabhai read it out loud. He presented the donation contained therein to Sri Gusainji and bowed to Sri Gusainji on behalf of Narayandas.

Sri Gusainji was most delighted to receive the letter from Narayandas. Indeed, Narayandas was the recipient of great grace from Sri Gusainji.

**Part 9**

On one occasion, Narayandas wrote a letter to Chacha Harivamsaji in which he asked how much were Sri Gusainji’s expenses for one whole year.

“Please write to inform me and I will regularly send that very amount to him.”

Narayandas sent this letter with one of his own house employees to Harivamsaji, who was very happy to read it and who then presented to Sri Gusainji.

Having read it Sri Gusainji pronounced, “This Vaishnava was very nice, but now he has become useless. How can an embodied soul possibly provide all the expenses for my house? These expenses are provided by the Provider alone.”

Chachaji did not write this reply in his letter. He simply wrote that he would reply after some time.

Some days later, Narayandas fell prey to a disease. The Patshah came to Narayandas’ house to see him. He announced that he would give whatever they asked for to anyone who could heal Narayandas, although he knew that what the Lord wishes can not be forcibly changed. Then the Patshah consoled Narayandas’wife Viram, saying that she should not worry about anything because he would provide for her for the rest of her life, because she was his spiritual daughter.

“I will look after you in the same way as I look after my own daughter. So do not worry about anything.” Having said this the Patshah returned home.

Narayandas advised his wife, “Please make Sri Thakurji’s Seva in the best possible way. She replied, “If the Lord allows me to serve Him in the same way that I have always done then I shall indeed make His Seva.”


Here is the meaning of her statement: “Up till this day I have always thought of Sri Thakurji as my very husband and dressed up in the sixteen wifely adornments whilst serving Him. When you leave your body, I will not be expected to don these adornments because people will be opposed to this. Therefore, I prefer to return to the Eternal Lila along with you.” This is the inner meaning of her statement.

**Part 9 continued**

Narayandas became very worried. He lay on the ground for three days.

On the fourth day Viram bathed and entered Sri Thakurji’s temple to serve Him. She went into His bedroom and saw that He was not in bed, and that all the offerings were as she had placed them: they were untouched.

Sri Thakurji seemed to have disappeared: but then He appeared to her, in her heart. She stepped out of the temple and told Narayadas the situation. As he heard this Narayandas left his body.

Viram made the funeral pyre in the house itself and entered the fire along with her husband. The two of them had their last rites together.

After some time, this news reached Sri Gusainji. He was terribly sad. He said, “Narayandas was a great Vaishnava, but he fell down by thinking that he could provide my living expenses.”


The teaching given here is that a Sevak should always be very careful in Seva. They should know that the house belongs to Sri Thakurji. Which embodied soul is capable of providing His expenses? He runs everything by His own power, and a soul should never consider themselves capable of being the ultimate provider.

Narayandas had thought that in trying to do something good, a bad result was had. It is most important for Vaishnavas to be very humble.

**Part 9 contd.**

Narayandas pleased Sri Gusainji and Sri Nathaji with the Seva he offered them with both his body and his wealth. The first time that Chacha Harivamsaji visited Narayandas home, the latter asked Chachaji to bless him in such a way that he might be able to see the Lord eating His meal. Narayandas then made the offerings to his Sri Thakurji. A second later Chachaji called out to Narayandas, “Hey, Narayandas! Look now!” Narayandas looked, but, because Sri Thakurji is so effulgent he was not able to focus on His personal Form through the light [to see Him accepting the offerings].

Up till that point the Lord graced him, but in a split second it was spoilt because Narayandas’ intelligence was still in his limited consciousness as an embodied soul. For this very reason it is extremely important for accomplished Vaishnavas to be very careful and serve most humbly.

Narayandas was a Recipient of Great Grace and an accomplished Vaishnava.

Thus concludes Varta 5, the story of Narayandas, although truly there is no end to his tale.


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