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Hundreds of devotees take holy dip in Yamuna on Maghi Purnima

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Yamuna-in-Gokul-Photo-Prawal-Saxena-780x585.jpgVrindavan 2017.02.11:  The month of Maagh ended yesterday with hundreds of devotee couples taking a holy dip in the Yamuna.

Even before the sun rose yesterday, Prayag Ghat in Mathura witnessed many devotees coming to the riverfront as a part of a local ritual in which a holy dip in Yamuna is taken during Maagh month to get blessings for their families.

Several women reached the Yamuna Ghat yesterday while singing Braj bhajans to please the river goddess. Many couples took a holy dip in the sacred river and floated 108 diyas (oil lamps), followed by a grand Yamua arti, to get the mercy of the Lord. Many offered food items to the river as well and donated food, blankets, Brahmavaivarta Purana, etc.

Local beliefs state that a couple should daily bathe in Yamuna during the Maagh month of the Hindu calender. The last day of the month is even more pious, so if someone has failed to follow the ritual the whole month, they can bathe on the last day to balance it out and attain the same blessings. As a result, hundreds of devotees thronged Prayag Ghat starting from 5 am yesterday.

After the bath, devotees visited Veni Madhav temple to get His mangla darshan. Even Thakur Ji in this temple was dressed in a beautiful way in tune with the celebration. Many devotees did havan here before bidding farewell to the sacred month.


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