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Laddoos were flung on the eve of the Latthmar Holi in Varsana

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17141651_10101210294043292_1344098320_n.jpgBarsana, 2017.03.05: The ‘Laddoo Holi’, was celebrated in Barsana on the eve of the ‘Latthamar Holi’ on Sunday. The residents of Barsana, the priests and devotees smeared colored powder (gulal) on each other and the ‘laddoos’ were flung to mark the beginning of the ‘Latthmar Holi’. The flung laddoos were kept with reverence as blessed offering.

Holi, the festival of colors is celebrated across Vraja with great deal of fervor and enthusiasm. The different places related to Krishna’s pastimes in Vraja, have unique ways to celebrate the Holi. On Sunday, it was the rain of ‘Laddoos’ at the Ladli ji Mandir in Varshana. The Laddoos were being flung from every side.

A priest (panda) from the Varsana Temple, who pretended to have come from Nand Bhavan of Nandgaon as a messenger, was welcomed on behalf of Shri Vrishbhanu baba,  father of Radha Rani. The Panda came to convey the message of accepting the challenge of playing Holi at Varsana.

The ‘laddoos’ were offered to the Panda to welcome him in Varsana. Getting the laddoo, the panda started to dance in ecstasy. The devotees also started dancing with him. Brajwasis were singing the song, “Nand gaon ko pando braj barsane aayo”…..

The song, the dance and the mood of the festival mesmerized the devotees. They immersed in the ‘holi mood’ completely splashing colors on each other and tossed the laddoos in the air. Everyone irrespective of any cast and creed caught the laddoos, and ate it with great devotion.


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